Nordic EMBL Partnership Main Meeting Programme: 13 & 14 September 2018

The NCMM scientific committee has put together a programme that is designed to involve researchers of all levels from all of the nodes, and which aims to encourage all members of the Partnership to interact with one another.

Download a PDF of the programme.

Partnership logo9th Nordic EMBL Partnership Meeting 2018: Main scientific meeting programme

Day One: Thursday 13 September 

8:30-9:00 Poster set up, coffee and tea (Lillesal/coffee point)

Opening session (Storesal)

9:00  Welcome: Hartmut Luecke, Acting Director, NCMM

9:05 – 10:30  Institute Updates 

  • Poul Nissen, DANDRITE
  • Bernt Eric Uhlin, MIMS
  • Mark Daly, FIMM
  • Hartmut Luecke, NCMM
  • Iain Mattaj, EMBL

10:30 – 11:00  Morning coffee break

11:00 – 11:45  Keynote talk: Mark Daly, FIMM, “Finnish opportunities in research and clinical genetics –a global perspective” Chair: Janna Saarela, Assistant Director, FIMM

11:50 – 12:50  Lunch

13.00   Group Photo

13:15 – 14:15  Introducing the Nordic EMBL Partnership’s newly appointed Group Leaders (Storesal)  Chair: Judith Staerk, Group Leader, NCMM 

  • Ellen Bushell, MIMS: “A systematic in vivo genetic analysis of parasite genes modulating pathogen-host interactions and pathology in malaria”
  • Emma Haapaniemi, NCMM: “CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing induces a p53-mediated DNA damage response”
  • Antti Latvala, FIMM: “Genetic Epidemiology of Substance Use and Mental Disorders”
  • Barbara Sixt, MIMS: “Illuminating the Hidden Power of Cell-Autonomous Immunity”
  • Jing Tang, FIMM:“Network pharmacology for precision medicine”
  • Eero Vuoksimaa, FIMM: “Future challenges in cognitive aging.”

14:15 – 14:30  Short break

14:30 – 16:00  Research from across the EMBL and Nordic EMBL Partnership (Storesal) Chair: Duda Kvitsiani, Group Leader, DANDRITE 

  • Justin Crocker, Group Leader, EMBL, “Nuclear microenvironments modulate transcription from low-affinity enhancers” 
  • Taru Tukiainen, Group Leader, FIMM, “Genomic approaches to decipher the extent and impacts of incomplete X chromosome inactivation” 
  • Kyung-Min Noh, Group Leader, EMBL, “Dynamics and function of histone variant H3.3 in embryonic stem cells and neurons”
  • Poul Henning Jensen, Group Leader, DANDRITE “Calcium dysregulations in Parkinson’s disease.” 

16:00 – 16:30  Afternoon coffee break

16:30 – 18:00 Research from across the EMBL and Nordic EMBL Partnership (Storesal) Chair:Felipe Cava, Group Leader, MIMS

  • Hartmut Luecke, Group Leader and Acting Director, NCMM, “Helicobacter pylori Acid Acclimation: The Evil Duo of a pH-Gated Urea Channel and a Cytoplasmic Urease” 
  • Stephen Cusack, Group Leader EMBL, “Structure, mechanism and drug targeting of the influenza virus transcription/replication machine”
  • William Hennah, Group Leader, FIMM, “Alternative Variables in the Study of Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Finland” 
  • Cornelius Gross, Group Leader, EMBL, “Learning to hunt: the dynamic neural circuitry of predation.”

18:00 – 18:30: E-poster session (Møterom 1 & 2)**

18:30 – 19:45: Pre-dinner drinks at posters (Lillesal)

20:00  Dinner

Day Two: Friday 14 September

9:00 – 10:30 Research from across the EMBL and Nordic EMBL Partnership (Storesal) Chair: Nikolina Sekulic, Group Leader, NCMM 

  • Joseph Lyons, Postdoc, DANDRITE, “Structure of a yeast lipid flippases”
  • Jonas Ries, Group Leader, EMBL, “High-throughput superresolution microscopy of endocytosis – linking molecular architecture and mechanics of a protein machinery” 
  • Hiraku Takada, Postdoc, MIMS, “Bacillus subtilis ABCF resistance factor VmlR directly protects the ribosome from antibiotics tiamulin, streptogramin A and virginiamycin M” 
  • Eva Kowalinski, Group Leader, EMBL, “Structural and functional studies of the cytoplasmic RNA degrading exosome.” 

10:30 – 11:00  Coffee break 

11:00 – 11:45 Keynote talk: Oliver Billker,MIMS, “Unlocking the unknown biology of malaria parasites” (Storesal) Chair: Sun Nyunt Wai, Group Leader, MIMS 

11:45 – 13:00 Research from across the EMBL and Nordic EMBL Partnership (Storesal) Chair: Jing Tang, Group Leader, FIMM 

  • Emilio Bueno, Postdoc MIMS, “Anaerobic nitrate reduction divergently governs population expansion of the enteropathogen Vibrio cholerae” 
  • Orsolya Barabas, Group Leader EMBL, “Structural insights into jumping DNA: from antibiotic resistance spreading to genetic tools”
  • Judith Staerk, Group Leader NCMM, “Mitochondrial dynamics control human neuronal development by preventing aberrant DNA methylation.” 

13:00 Closing remarksfrom Hartmut Luecke, NCMM

13:05  Lunch and departure


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