Disputation for degree of Philosophiae Doctor - Sabry Razick

Sabry Razick, from the Donaldson Group, will defend his PhD thesis (philosophiae doctor) "Consolidation and analysis of protein interaction data."

SUMMARY (English)

The Ph.D. thesis of Sabry Razick describes a global identification system for proteins and their interactions. One main obstacle for performing a comprehensive study on protein-protein interactions has been the lack of related information as a uniform data set in an electronically accessible format. The method proposed by Sabry Razick, known as iRefIndex, helps to overcome this by unifying disparate datasets and eliminating the disconnect between them due to different identification systems used to refer to the same set of proteins and various representations for the interactions.

Proteins are an important component of structure and in the functioning of organisms. Further, many processes within the cell, as well as communication between the cells, involves proteins interacting with other proteins. Therefore, the state of an organism at any given time or under varying conditions can be explained by the protein-protein interactions. Thus, access to the entire network of protein interactions can help researchers study the functioning of organisms as well as a multitude of abnormal states including cancer and obesity.

The iRefIndex project provides a wide variety of methods to access protein interaction data available from ten different databases as a consolidated data set. The access methods includes direct download of data from a ftp site, the iRefWeb interface, iRefScape, to perform analysis using Cytoscape and the PSICQUIC web service. The methods used and available resources are described in the wiki page http://irefindex.uio.no/wiki/iRefIndex. In addition, data, tools and source code are also available free of charge under very relaxed conditions from the above link.


SUMMARY (Norwegian)

Doktorgradsavhandlingen til Sabry Razick beskriver et globalt identifikasjonssystem for proteiner og deres interaksjoner. En av de største hinder for å utføre en omfattende studie på protein-protein interaksjoner har vært mangelen på informasjon som et ensartet datasett i elektronisk tilgjengelig format. Metoden foreslått av Sabry Razick, kjent som iRefIndex, forener ulike datasett, og løser problemene med forskjellige identifikasjoner som brukes for å referere til samme sett av proteiner og ulike representasjoner for interaksjoner. Mer informasjon er tilgjengelig fra http://irefindex.uio.no/wiki/iRefIndex.

Published Dec. 17, 2015 8:42 AM