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M.Sc. Ellen Østensen at Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) will be defending the thesis "Adrenergic regulation of the Ca2+ homeostasis in the heart - Cardioprotective effects in ischemia-reperfusion injury of targeting the AKAP18γ/δ-PLB interaction" for the degree of PhD.

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MSc Shixiong Wang at the Department of Biosciences will be defending the thesis "Investigating signalling and epigenetic factors influencing the functions of transcription factors in breast cancer" for the degree of PhD.

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M.Sc. Bertrand Simon, a joint PhD student from the EMBL-Hamburg and NCMM, will defend his thesis, "Structural and functional regulation of death-associated protein kinases activity by calcium/calmodulin binding" on March 14.

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MRes Lisa Gerner at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway will be defending the thesis "An Exploration of the Structure and Function of Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase kinase 2 (CaMKK2) in Prostate Cancer"  for the degree of PhD.