Hans Prydz Seminar: Cryo-EM

Dr Janet Vonck & Dr Deryk Mills of the Department of Structural Biology, at the Max Planck Insitute of Biophysics, Frankfurt will give a talk on Cryo-EM, and on the running of such a facility at a world-leading research insitute. 

Title & abstract will be published shortly.

Photo of Janet Vonck
Dr Janet Vonck. Photo: Max Planck Institute.

About Dr Janet Vonck

Dr Janet Vonck has worked at the Max Planck Institute since 1997. Prior to this, she was a staff scientist at EMBL Heidelberg. 

Learn more about Dr. Vonck's research.

About Dr Deryck Mills

Dr Deryck Mills manages the Cryo-EM facility at the Max Planck Institute. The facility includes a 300 kV FEI Polara electron microscope with a back-thinned FEI Falcon detector and a post-column Quantum energy filter. 

Learn more about the Department of Structural Biology at the Max Planck Institute

Published June 28, 2019 10:04 AM - Last modified June 28, 2019 10:04 AM