About Hans Prydz and the Hans Prydz Guest Lecture Seminars

Photo of Professor Hans Prydz

Professor Hans Peter B. Prydz. Photo: UiO

Professor, M.D., Ph.D. Hans Peter B. Prydz (1933-2011) was one of the first to introduce modern biochemical techniques in internal medical research in Oslo and Norway at the beginning of the of the 1960's. He was involved in the establishment of the University of Tromsø from 1971 as the first Chair of Biochemistry and Medical Biology and then returned to the University of Oslo as Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Institute of Internal Medicine, Rikshospitalet in 1980. In the mid-1980's he was the first to introduce gene Technology to the scientific environment in Oslo. Dr. Prydz was a dedicated and highly respected scientist that published more than 300 scientific papers. The blood coagulation system was a key interest throughout his career but he also published in other areas. His service to the scientific community also involved training several generations of younger scientists and altogether, 40 students graduated with a Ph.D. from his laboratory.

Professor Prydz was knighted to the Order of St Olav for his scientific achievements and service and was an honorary life member of the Norwegian Biochemical Society. He served as the first Director of the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo from the start in 1989 and until his retirement in 2003. He also continued as a very active scientist after his retirement for a number of years.

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