NCMM grows research network with appointment of New Associate and Young Associate Investigators

NCMM is delighted to announce the official appointment of six new Associate Investigators and five new Young Associate Investigators

photo from labs at NCMM

Photo: NCMM/UiO

These appointments mean that NCMM continues to strengthen its collaborative research links throughout Norway, and adds to its knowledge base in molecular and translational research. The Young Associate and Associate Investigators are affiliated with both NCMM and the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.

Following an open call for talented researchers who were interested in collaborating with NCMM, the successful candidates have been appointed after careful evaluation by a Selection Committee. The final candidates were chosen on the basis of their scientific excellence, translational merit and/or the ability to build networks that bridge from basic science to clinical medicine, compatibility with the NCMM mission and added value they could bring to NCMM. The standard and quality of candidates was very competitive, with excellent applications.

NCMM is proud to confirm that the newly appointed NCMM Associate Investigators and Young Associate Investigators are:

Newly appointed NCMM Associate Investigators:

  • Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital
  • Eivind Hovig, Department of Tumor Biology, Institute of Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital and Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo
  • Dirk Linke, Section for Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, University of Oslo
  • Hilde Loge Nilsen, Department of Clinical Molecular Biology, University of Oslo and Akershus University Hospital
  • Rolf Skotheim, Department of Molecular Oncology, Institute of Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital and Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo
  • Emre Yaksi, Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience/Centre for Neural Computation, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Newly appointed NCMM Young Associate Investigators:

  • Jorrit Enserink, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital
  • Nils Halberg, Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen
  • Richard K Kandasamy, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Ida G Lunde, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Oslo University Hospital
  • Reidar Lund, Section for Chemical Life Sciences - Biomolecules, Bio-inspired Materials and Bioanalytics, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo

The newly appointed Associate and Young Associate Investigators will be officially presented at the next NCMM Network meeting in Oslo, in February 2018.

About the Associate and Young Associate Investigator Network

Altogether, the NCMM AI and YAI network now consists of 31 outstanding investigators; a list of current AI and YAIs can be viewed here. The AI and YAI category is designed for outstanding senior or younger scientists who are currently based in Norway, and applicants' expertise must be compatible with the research areas of NCMM. Furthermore, Associate Investigators must be interested in contributing to the building of an NCMM Molecular Medicine and Translational Research Network. 

Associate Investigators and Young Associate Investigators continue working at their host institutions, and are credited with an affiliation to NCMM. Nominations are made for three years and will be renewable.

By Annabel Darby
Published Nov. 7, 2017 12:24 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2022 9:54 AM