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Merger between NCMM and BiO

The merger between Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) and the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo (BiO) formally came into effect on 2 January 2017.

Close up photo of laboratory equipment

Photo: UiO/Øystein H. Horgmo

The new NCMM consists of two departments: NCMM Translational Research (former NCMM) and NCMM Biotechnology (former BiO) with altogether 11 research Groups.

NCMM and BiO were parallel Centres with a shared model recruiting young group leaders to 5+4 year non-tenured positions and with a joint Director. Following letters from the EMBL, The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst) and the Research Council of Norway supporting a merger, the Board of the Faculty of Medicine on behalf of University of Oslo in June 2016 decided that BiO and NCMM would merge.

The merger of BiO into NCMM will serve to significantly strengthen the Centre scientifically, strategically and also in terms of local anchoring, funding base and infrastructure. The Centre is still located in the Oslo Science Park.

By Elisa Bjørgo
Published Jan. 4, 2017 4:23 PM - Last modified Jan. 5, 2017 11:01 AM