Kjetil Taskén appointed as NCMM Associate Investigator

Appointment allows Professor Taskén to retain an affiliation with NCMM after his departure from the Centre

Photo of Kjetil Taskén

Professor Taskén. Photo: John Hughes

NCMM is pleased to announce that Professor Kjetil Taskén has been appointed as an Associate Investigator by the Board of NCMM. 

Professor Taskén has spent the past 15 years as Director of the former Biotechnology Centre of Oslo (BiO). He has also held the role of Director of NCMM since the Centre’s inauguration in 2008, overseeing its successful merger with BiO in January 2017.

It was announced in November 2017 that he had accepted a new role as Head and Director of the Institute for Cancer Research, based at Oslo University Hospital.

NCMM will continue to benefit from Professor Taskén’s expertise

Professor Taskén’s appointment as an Associate Investigator means that NCMM will continue to benefit from his expertise and ongoing collaboration.

Chair of the Board of NCMM, Jens-Petter Berg, comments:

- The NCMM Associate Investigator affiliation is designed for outstanding scientists who are currently based in Norway. Associate Investigators should have expertise compatible with NCMM’s research areas, and be interested in collaborating with the Centre’s researchers. They should also contribute their expertise in molecular and translational medicine and be active in mentoring activities toward newly recruited group leaders. 

The Board of NCMM could therefore not find anyone who fulfils these criteria better than Kjetil Taskén. He has combined outstanding science with leadership competence in an extraordinary way.

- The Board therefore unanimously decided to offer Kjetil status as an NCMM Associate Investigator, and we are delighted that he has accepted the invitation.

Professor Taskén will officially step down from his role as Director of NCMM on 30 June 2018. The Centre is currently in the process of recruiting for a new Director.

Professor Taskén adds:

 I am touched by this generous gesture from the NCMM Board and kind words from the Chair, and I am very happy to accept the invitation.

- I will be therefore available to NCMM and look forward to my continued collaboration with the Centre’s researchers in my new role at the Institute of Cancer Research, and as an NCMM Associate Investigator.

About the NCMM Associate Investigator Network

Altogether, the NCMM Associate Investigator (AI) and Young Associate Investigator (YAI) network now consists of 34 outstanding investigators; a list of current AI and YAIs can be viewed here

Associate Investigators and Young Associate Investigators continue working at their host institutions, and are credited with an affiliation to NCMM. Nominations are made for three years and will be renewable. Learn more about the NCMM AI and YAI network. 


By Annabel Darby
Published June 14, 2018 10:40 AM