NCMM Chair of the Board named as new Research Dean

NCMM congratulates Professor Jens Petter Berg on his appointment as the new Dean of Research at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo 

Photo of Jens Petter

Jens Petter Berg. Photo: Ram Gupta

Professor Jens Petter Berg is Head of the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Oslo University Hospital. He was appointed as Chair of the Board of NCMM in January 2018. 

Alongside Professor Berg’s appointment, the Faculty of Medicine Board has also elected a new Dean of the Faculty, Ivar Prydz Gladhaug. Professor Gladhaug, who is Head of the Institute of Clinical Medicine, has selected the following to join the Faculty’s academic management. NCMM wishes to congratulate all on their new appointments: 

  • Pro-Dean for studies: Elin Olaug Rosvold, professor, Institute of Health and Society
  • Vice-Dean for internationalization and innovation: Hilde Nebb, professor, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Vice-Dean for postdoctor and master programmes (50 %): Eivind Engebretsen, professor, Institute of Health and Society

Jens Petter Berg comments:

“I am very proud to be part of Ivar Gladhaug's team. To be appointed as Dean of Research makes me both excite’d and humble, and I am looking forward to working for, and promoting, research at the Faculty of Medicine. 

- The experience and knowledge gained from various positions at the Board of NCMM will be very valuable in my new position.”

The newly appointed team will now lead the Faculty of Medicine for the next four years. The next election will take place in the autumn of 2022. 


Published Oct. 2, 2018 11:58 AM - Last modified May 4, 2021 11:16 AM