Young Research Talent Grant for Anthony Mathelier

Dr Mathelier, head of the Computational Biology and Gene Regulation Group at NCMM, has been awarded a prestigious grant by the Research Council of Norway.

Anthony Photo

Dr Anthony Mathelier, Head of the Computational Biology and Gene Regulation Group. 

Dr Mathelier’s project, “Characterisation of cis-regulatory variations that dysregulate driver microRNAs in cancer,” has been awarded funding for the next three years. This grant will complement Dr Mathelier’s recent funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society for the same project.

Project summary

The primary project objective is to predict somatic cis-regulatory variations that dysregulate driver microRNA expression in cancer. This aim will be achieved through the characterization of transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) in humans that are involved in the regulation of microRNA expression. 

To date, the capacity to analyse personal mutations in regulatory regions of the human genome has been limited. This project aims at filling the gap in the development of computational and theoretical tools in modern biology for the analysis and interpretation of patients’ personal mutations in the context of personalised medicine.

It will produce critical resources and tools that will be beneficial to the development of basic research on gene expression regulation and applications such as clinical diagnostics and treatment. It is critical to invest in improved computational biology tools to enhance the quality of findings in the clinic. Such tools will provide means to reduce costs by decreasing the number of expensive laboratory tests performed in search of diagnosis, and also the means to improve quality of outcomes for patients.

Three Young Talent grants for Faculty of Medicine

In total, the Research Council of Norway has awarded 870m NOK in funding for this FRIPRO round, which will be shared across 107 successful project applications. Of these projects, 12 Young Research Talent grants were awarded as part of the FRIMEDBIO programme, with the Faculty of Medicine receiving three Young Talent grants in total. 

NCMM congratulates Dr Mathelier on another successful application for 2018. 

About the Young Research Talent grant from the Research Council

Young Research Talent funding is designed to help young researchers in the early stages of their career who have already demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality. The funding is designed to help give these young, talented researchers the opportunity to continue to pursue their research ideas, and to lead a research project. 

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By Annabel Darby
Published Dec. 6, 2018 2:31 PM - Last modified May 7, 2021 3:07 PM