NCMM seeks Group Leader in Precision Medicine

NCMM is recruiting for a new group leader in Precision Medicine. The role also includes a generous start-up package. Outstanding international candidates are encouraged to apply. Deadline: 15 September

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Job Summary

Translational research in molecular medicine is currently being strengthened in Norway, and there is a strong desire to closely integrate and coordinate basic and clinical research activities. 

We encourage international applicants, and are especially looking for candidates with experience in and a research program focusing on precision medicine and individualized diagnostics and therapy in areas of rare diseases or cancer.

The Group Leader will be selected using the quality criteria and process of assessment similar to the recruitment to EMBL Group Leader positions; with the focus on scientific excellence and potential to collaborate with existing NCMM group leaders. The successful candidate is expected to initiate a new independent research program with a clear relevance to molecular medicine and disease mechanisms.

The research programme should also consolidate existing research within the Centre. All group leaders at the NCMM Translational Research Department have adjunct appointments in a university hospital department to facilitate translation and clinical collaboration. Furthermore, we expect multi-disciplinary research collaborations with other NCMM research groups and NCMM Associate Investigators, with the internationally recognized biomedical and medical research environment in Oslo as well as with other top Norwegian scientists and within the Nordic EMBL Partnership.

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Published July 8, 2019 3:31 PM - Last modified June 2, 2020 4:00 PM