Comment article by Marieke Kuijjer published in the Journal Cancer Research

Dr Kuijjer's article, 'Predicting Evolution Using Cell State Dynamics', examines research using state transitions to model cancer development and progression. The group has also recently published in the journals Cell Reports and Bioinformatics.

Photo of Marieke

Dr Marieke Kuijjer. Photo: Oda Hveem


One of the biggest challenges in cancer is predicting its initiation and course of progression. In this issue of Cancer Research, Rockne and colleagues use state transition theory to predict how peripheral mononuclear blood cells in mice transition from a healthy state to acute myeloid leukemia. They found that critical transcriptomic perturbations could predict initiation and progression of the disease.

This is an important step toward accurately predicting cancer evolution, which may eventually facilitate early diagnosis of cancer and disease recurrence, and which could potentially inform on timing of therapeutic interventions.

Read the article, 'Predicting Cancer Evolution Using Cell State Dynamics', M. Kuijjer, Cancer Research (2020) in full at

Further publications for Dr Kuijjer in Cell Reports and Bioinformatics

The comment article comes after two further publications for Dr. Kuijjer, in the journals Cell Reports and Bioinformatics.

Learn more about the Kuijjer group via their webpage on NCMM, and their external website

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