Gözen group attends 64th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

Several members of NCMM's Gözen group attended the 64th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Diego, California in February, where PhD student Elif Köksal received a student research achievement award for her poster presentation.

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Members of the Gözen group present posters at the Annual Meeting. Photo: Irep Gözen

The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting brings together leading scientists from all over the world who work in the fields of physical and computational sciences. 

The five-day meeting is the largest biophysics conference in the world, with nearly 6,500 attendees, over 900 daily poster presentations, and more than 500 speakers selected from submitted abstracts.

Together with group leader Irep Gözen, postdoctoral researcher Inga Põldsalu and PhD students Elif Köksal, Karolina Spustová and Aysu Kucukturhan attended the meeting at the San Diego Conference Centre from February 15th-19th.

Elif was awarded a travel grant to attend the meeting, which she received at an award ceremony on the first day of the meeting.

The group presented the following posters at the meeting:

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Inga Põldsalu during the meeting's poster session. Photo: Irep Gözen.
  • Elif Köksal: Temperature increase induces rapid growth and fusion of protocells in surface-adhered networks
  • Karolina Spustová: Spontaneous compartmentalization of artificial cells on solid supports
  • Inga Põldsalu: Surface-assisted protocell fomation from fatty acid compartments
  • Aysu Kucukturhan: Supported model membranes for biosensing applications optical oxytocin assay

All members received great feedback on their posters, and Elif was awarded the student research achievement award for her poster presentation by the judging committee. She received her prize from the President of the Biophysical Society, David W. Piston, at an award ceremony on Monday February 17th.

The Gözen group would like to thank the organisers for arranging a highly successful event, and looks forward to attending future meetings. 


Published Feb. 26, 2020 5:06 PM - Last modified Feb. 27, 2020 12:13 PM