Gözen group publishes new research in two leading journals

Research into evolutionary origins and primitive cell division published

Congratulations to the Gözen Group who have published two new papers in The European Physical Journal Special Topics (EPJ ST)and the journal Small respectively.

EPJ journal cover
The cover from EPJ ST, depicting research from the Gözen group. Image: Irep Gözen/EPJST

The paper published in EPJ ST ‘Evolving Soft Matter: Shape, Dynamics and Functionality’, Gözen, Irep, and Dommersnes, Paul., Volume 229, issue 17-18, attempts to demonstrate how to connect observations of nanotubes in different branches of biology, and then outline their similarities and differences with the aim of providing a perspective on their joint functions and evolutionary origin. The research was additionally featured on the front cover of the journal.


The second paper, published in Small, ‘Subcompartmentalization and Pseudo‐Division of Model Protocells’ by Spustova et al., contains findings that show it is possible that primitive cells had multiple compartments running different prebiotic chemical reactions simultaneously. The compartments later become isolated daughter cells. In light of the group’s findings, it is proposed that similar events may have taken place under early Earth conditions, leading to the development of compartmentalized cells and, potentially, primitive division.

You can read the papers online via the links below:

Subcompartmentalization and Pseudo‐Division of Model Protocells, Spustova et al. Small DOI:10.1002/smll.202005320

Evolving Soft Matter: Shape, Dynamics and Functionality’, Gözen, Irep, and Dommersnes, Paul., EPJST229, pages2843–2862(2020)

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