Open call for NCMM Associate Investigators

NCMM is now seeking outstanding candidates for both senior and early-career NCMM Associate Investigators. Deadline: 25 August 2020.

Photo from NCMM labs

Photo: Nadia Frantsen

The overall vision of NCMM is to improve our molecular understanding of health and disease to facilitate improved medical practice and patient outcomes. As an excellent international molecular medicine center with a translational mind-set, NCMM is bringing together multidisciplinary teams to combine basic and translational research approaches to clinically relevant problems. NCMM works to provide the basis for development of improved diagnostics as well as more efficient and targeted therapies.

In the next 5-year period (2020-2024), one main focus area of the Centre will be translating basic research to precision medicine. NCMM will also continue to strengthen its expertise in genome medicine, rare diseases and cancer research as well as continue building resources for structural biology, high throughput screening, disease modelling, and computational medicine. NCMM group leaders currently include Dr.  Judith Staerk, Dr. Anthony Mathelier, Dr. Emma Haapaniemi, Dr. Sebastian Waszak, Dr. Marieke Kuijjer, Dr. Sandra Lopez-Aviles, Dr. Camila Esguerra, Dr. Nikolina Sekulic, Dr. Irep Gözen, Professor Hartmut Luecke and Professor Janna Saarela, who is also the Director of NCMM.

NCMM also coordinates the Norwegian EATRIS (European Research Infrastructure for Translational Research) and EU OPENSCREEN networks and is currently involved in building up a national consortium for structural biology to support the application for cryo-EM instrumentation to Norway. Furthermore, the Nordic EMBL Partnership aims to exploit emerging technologies as part of a process towards molecular and personalized medicine and can capitalize on synergies within the Nordic region.

NCMM Associate Investigators

Internationally known top scientists and scientific leaders (both senior and more early-career candidates), based in Norway, with a track record and research focus compatible to research at NCMM are invited to apply. The successfully affiliated group leaders will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Status as an Associated Investigator in the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine;
  • Access to a translational network and infrastructures at NCMM and in the Nordic EMBL Partnership;
  • Eligibility for seed funds for collaboration with NCMM group leaders made available by the NCMM Board. The next call is planned for 2021;
  • Possibility of research visits and sabbaticals at NCMM;
  • Possibility of adjunct positions at NCMM for group leaders recruited via internationally open calls, using the EMBL model.  

We especially encourage clinicians to apply.

Seeking researchers with compatible expertise who are keen to collaborate

NCMM’s Associate Investigators are selected from a group of outstanding scientists who are based in Norway, with expertise compatible with NCMM’s research areas and who are interested in collaborating with NCMM. Associate Investigators contribute their expertise in molecular and translational medicine, and support newly recruited young NCMM Group Leaders and early-stage Associate Investigators through mentoring activities. 

NCMM Associate Investigators continue to work at their host institutions, but are credited an affiliation to NCMM and the Nordic EMBL Partnership for molecular medicine and are eligible to apply for seed-funding grants for collaborative projects with NCMM group leaders. In 2019, 4 million NOK was made available for 11 new collaborative projects with NCMM group leaders and a new call is planned for 2021.

An evaluation committee appointed by the NCMM Board, will review applications. This committee will evaluate applicants in two different categories: senior and early-career PIs. Criteria for recruitment include: i) Excellence (in molecular medicine); ii) Scientific profile compatible with and/or bringing novel elements to the scientific, technological and translational mission of NCMM; iii) Translational merits and/or ability to build networks that bridge from basic science to clinical medicine and iv) Added value and synergism in interaction with present and future NCMM investigators. The Committee will emphasize the collaboration potential with NCMM research groups.

How to apply

Applications should include an overview of research activities and  opening for collaborations with NCMM (max 3 pages) as well as a CV and list of publications (max 10 from the last 5 years).

For further information, please contact Director Janna Saarela or visit our website for details.

Please mark applications NCMM Associate Investigator and send them electronically as a single PDF file to Applications can also be submitted using the form available at: 

The application deadline is August 25 2020.

Download a PDF of the full call text


Published June 2, 2020 4:01 PM - Last modified June 17, 2020 6:19 PM