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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ahmad Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad, Ahmad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840567
Picture of Nancy Saana Banono Banono, Nancy Saana Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840572
Picture of Tatiana Belova Belova, Tatiana Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Elisa Bjørgo Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47 22840608 +47 91359367 Molecular biology, HR administration, Strategy, Finance, Management support, Appointments, Research support, Life science, Human resources administration
Picture of Paul Boddie Boddie, Paul Researcher
Picture of Jaime Abraham Castro Mondragon Castro Mondragon, Jaime Abraham Researcher Bioinformatics, Transcription factor, MicroRNA
Picture of Gang Cheng Cheng, Gang Head Engineer +47 22840578 IT services, Server- og driftstjenester
Picture of Artur Grzegorz Cieslar-Pobuda Cieslar-Pobuda, Artur Grzegorz Researcher +47 22845858 Stem cells
Picture of Eva Mariana de Sousa Cunha de Sousa Cunha, Eva Mariana Researcher +47 22840574 Cell biology, Structural Biology, Membrantransport
Picture of Camila Vicencio Esguerra Esguerra, Camila Vicencio Head of Group +47 22840534 Pharmacology, Genetics, Epilepsy
Picture of Nail Fatkhutdinov Fatkhutdinov, Nail Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Alexandra Gade Gade, Alexandra Head Engineer +47 22844130
Gutierrez Fernandez, Javier Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840545
Picture of Rasma Gutsmite Gutsmite, Rasma Principal Engineer +47 22840559
Picture of Irep Gözen Gözen, Irep Head of Group +47 22840596 Lipids, Vesicles, Artificial taxis, Mechanical damage, Soft matter, Migration, Nanotubes, Microfluidics, Supported membranes
Picture of Adnan Hashim Hashim, Adnan Researcher +47 22845859 Stem cells
Haugen, Frida Høsøien
Picture of Joel Benjamin Heim Heim, Joel Benjamin Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858826
Picture of Karen-Marie Heintz Heintz, Karen-Marie HSE Coordinator +47 22840549
Picture of Ping-Han Hsieh Hsieh, Ping-Han Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Xian Hu Hu, Xian Head Engineer +47 22840527 +47 93032502 Molecular biology, mechanobiology, bio-imaging, imaging
Picture of Emma Maria Haapaniemi Haapaniemi, Emma Maria Head of Group +47 22840508
Picture of Anita Kavlie Kavlie, Anita Senior Adviser +47 22845654
Picture of Flore Kersten Kersten, Flore Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840568
Kirstein-Smardzewska, Karolina Joanna Research Assistant