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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Høgseth, Siri Administrative Manager +47 22858303 Web publishing, Finance, Human resources administration
Picture of Emma Haapaniemi Haapaniemi, Emma Researcher +47 22840508
Picture of Flore Kersten Kersten, Flore Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840568
Picture of Ingrid Kjelsvik Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office +47 22840531 Health, Financial management, Management, safety and enviromment
Picture of Solveig Margrete Knoph Klokkerud Klokkerud, Solveig Margrete Knoph
Picture of Aysu Kucukturhan Kucukturhan, Aysu Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840598 biomaterials, Bionanotechnology, Biotechnology
Picture of Marieke Kuijjer Kuijjer, Marieke Head of Group +47 22840528 Cancer Genomics, Systems medicine, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics, Sarcomas, Cancer, Statistikk sannsynlighetsregning og forsikring
Kumar, Vipin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Mette Kvernland Kvernland, Mette Adviser +47 22840504 extramural funding, reporting, Financial managment, budget
Picture of Elif Köksal Köksal, Elif Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840594
Picture of Johannes Landskron Landskron, Johannes Researcher +47 22840509 High-throughput screening, Flow cytometry, Cell signalling
Picture of Roza Berhanu Lemma Lemma, Roza Berhanu Postdoctoral Fellow Gene regulation, Transcription, Bioinformatics, Chromatin, Molecular biology, Computational Biology, Epigenetics
Li, Zhuokun Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845861
Picture of Paula Maria Lindner Lindner, Paula Maria Cell biology, Molecular biology, Cancer research
Picture of Sandra Lopez Aviles Lopez Aviles, Sandra Head of Group +47 22852992 Cell biology
Picture of Hartmut Luecke Luecke, Hartmut Assistant Director +47 22840569 +47 95337574
Picture of Georgios Vasilei Magklaras Magklaras, Georgios Vasilei Senior Engineer +47 22840535 IT management, IT services, Scientific/Life Science computing, Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing, bioinformatics
Picture of George Marselis Marselis, George Head Engineer +47 22845655
Picture of Ruth Martîn Martîn Martîn, Ruth Martîn Researcher +47 22840901 Cell biology
Picture of Anthony Mathelier Mathelier, Anthony Head of Group +47 22840561 Transcription factor, MicroRNA, Bioinformatics, Gene regulation, Cancer, Computational Biology, Genetics
Picture of Nina Modahl Modahl, Nina Adviser +47 22840680 Human resources administration
Picture of Mari Nyquist-Andersen Nyquist-Andersen, Mari Head Engineer +47 22845667 Laboratory operation, Purchasing
Picture of Inga Põldsalu Põldsalu, Inga Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840901 microfabrication, Lipid droplets, polymers, Bionanotechnology
Picture of Annikka Virginia Polster Polster, Annikka Virginia Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Marina Portantier Portantier, Marina Researcher +47 22840787