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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Luis Alberto Quintero Linares Quintero Linares, Luis Alberto Research Technician +47 22840507 HSE
Picture of Ganna Reint Reint, Ganna Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840581
Picture of Rafael Riudavets Puig Riudavets Puig, Rafael Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Carlos Romeo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47 22840500 +47 95205142 UiO-noark, Oracle, Cristin, Signs and directions, ePhorte, Mail and postage, Voucher, Reimbursements, Certificates, Invoices, Basware, Reception, Purchasing, Mail room
Picture of Joao Santos Santos, Joao Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845619
Picture of Marta Sanz Gaitero Sanz Gaitero, Marta Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840525 228 40525
Schanke, Ingrid Jin
Picture of Dario Segura-Pena Segura-Pena, Dario Researcher +47 22840558
Picture of Nikolina Sekulic Sekulic, Nikolina Head of Group +47 22840511 Chromatin, Structural Biology, Cell division
Picture of Anita Elisabeth Skolem Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47 22840653 Reporting, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Project management, Accounts
Picture of Eirin Solberg Solberg, Eirin Principal Engineer +47 22840513 Laboratory work
Picture of Karolina Spustová Spustová, Karolina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840593 Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Biotechnology
Picture of Bojana Sredic Sredic, Bojana Principal Engineer +47 22840559 Laboratory work, Metal homeostasis, Drug development, Drug discovery, Infectious diseases
Picture of Judith Staerk Staerk, Judith Head of Group +47 22840773 Stem cells
Picture of Vilte Stonyte Stonyte, Vilte Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840510
Picture of Saranya Subramani Subramani, Saranya Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845628 Membrane trafficking, Metal homeostasis, Drug development, Drug discovery, Infectious diseases
Picture of Monika Szymanska Szymanska, Monika Head Engineer +47 22845855
Picture of Janna Saarela Saarela, Janna Centre Director +47 22840553
Picture of Melaku Tadesse Tadesse, Melaku Head Engineer +47 22840537 +47 46611203 Local IT support, User administration, IT services
Picture of Ana Tavara Tavara, Ana Head Engineer +47 22840520
Picture of Gladys Marie Tjørhom Tjørhom, Gladys Marie Head Engineer +47 22840556 Laboratory operation, Cell signalling
Picture of Wietske van der Ent van der Ent, Wietske Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851733
Picture of Shixiong Wang Wang, Shixiong Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845865 Breast cancer, Cancer research
Picture of Sebastian Martin Waszak Waszak, Sebastian Martin Head of Group
Picture of Stine Malene Hansen Wøien Wøien, Stine Malene Hansen Principal Engineer +47 22840562 Laboratory work