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Academic staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ahmad Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad, Ahmad Researcher +47 22840567
Picture of Dina Ruud Aronsen Aronsen, Dina Ruud Research Assistant
Picture of Nancy Saana Banono Banono, Nancy Saana Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840572
Picture of Tatiana Belova Belova, Tatiana Researcher
Picture of Charlotte Boccara Boccara, Charlotte Head of Group - Charlotte Boccara Group - Systems neuroscience & sleep +47 22851205
Picture of Christian Martin Burkert Burkert, Christian Martin Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858826
Calderer Garcia, Genis
Picture of Jacob Conradi Conradi, Jacob Research Assistant
Picture of Camila Vicencio Esguerra Esguerra, Camila Vicencio Head of Group +47 22840534 Epilepsy, Genetics, Pharmacology
Picture of Katalin Terezia Ferenc Ferenc, Katalin Terezia Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hemanga Gogoi Gogoi, Hemanga Doctoral Research Fellow
Gutierrez Fernandez, Javier Postdoctoral Fellow, Structural Biology Team +47 22840545
Picture of Irep Gözen Gözen, Irep Head of Group +47 22840596 Lipids, Vesicles, Artificial taxis, Mechanical damage, Soft matter, Migration, Nanotubes, Microfluidics, Supported membranes
Picture of Ping-Han Hsieh Hsieh, Ping-Han Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Emma Maria Haapaniemi Haapaniemi, Emma Maria Head of Group +47 22840508
Picture of Flore Kersten Kersten, Flore Doctoral Research Fellow, Structural Biology Team +47 22840568
Kirstein-Smardzewska, Karolina Joanna Research Technician
Picture of Pavel Kopcil Kopcil, Pavel Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858829
Picture of Birgit Kriener Kriener, Birgit Researcher
Picture of Aysu Kucukturhan Kucukturhan, Aysu Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840598 biomaterials, Bionanotechnology, Biotechnology
Picture of Marieke Kuijjer Kuijjer, Marieke Head of Group +47 22840528 Cancer Genomics, Systems medicine, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics, Sarcomas, Cancer, Statistikk sannsynlighetsregning og forsikring
Kumar, Vipin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Sandra Kunz Kunz, Sandra Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845867
Picture of Johannes Landskron Landskron, Johannes Researcher +47 22840509 Cell signalling, High-throughput screening, Flow cytometry
Picture of Johanna Lehtonen Lehtonen, Johanna Researcher +47 22840581