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Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 Forskningsparken 0349 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1137 Blindern 0318 OSLO

Academic interests

Although I have been developing a wide range of academic interests, due to exposure to a wide range of interdisciplinary fields, my main academic interest is in gene regulation, transcription and epigenetics.

I am interested in molecular, biochemical and genome-wide methods such as ATAC-Seq, ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq along with analyzing such data. Currently, I am having an increasing interest towards computational biology and its applications in gene regulation. As a result, joining the Mathelier group is a great opportunity to develop new skills and explore the different academic interests that I have.


  • Sep. 2015 – Dec.2018: Ph.D. in molecular biology with the title ‘Novel mechanisms controlling the interplay between SUMOylation, chromatin remodeling and transcription — A study of the functional interaction between the SUMO protease SENP1, the chromatin remodeler CHD3 and the pioneer transcription factor c-Myb’ from the department of biosciences (IBV), University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Aug. 2013 – Aug. 2015: M.Sc. in molecular biosciences with the title ‘AlkB homologs in metazoans — an applied bioinformatics and experimental DNA/RNA repair study’ from IBV, UiO
  • Sep. 2008 – July 2011:  M.Sc. in biotechnology with the title ‘Factors influencing micropropagation and somatic embryogenesis of two, Kello and Qulle, cassava varieties’, school of graduate studies, Biotechnology program, Addis Ababa University
  • Oct. 2004 – July 2007: B.Sc. in biology (Genetics and molecular biology), Jimma University Ambo College

Previous positions held

  • Sep 2015 – Dec 2015: PhD candidate at IBV, UiO 
  • May 2018 – Aug 2018: Researcher (80%) at IBV, UiO 
  • July 2011 – Oct 2011: Lecturer at Ambo University
  • Aug 2007 – July 2011: Graduate assistant at Ambo University 
Tags: Gene regulation, Transcription, Bioinformatics, Chromatin, Molecular biology, Computational Biology, Epigenetics


  • Rodriguez- Castañeda, Fernando; Lemma, Roza Berhanu; Cuervo Torre, Ignacio; Bengtsen, Mads; Moen, Lisa Marie; Ledsaak, Marit; Eskeland, Ragnhild & Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke (2018). The SUMO protease SENP1 and the chromatin remodeller CHD3 interact and jointly affect chromatin accessibility and gene expression. Journal of Biological Chemistry.  ISSN 0021-9258.  293(40), s 15439- 15454 . doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA118.002844 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Fuglerud, Bettina Maria; Lemma, Roza Berhanu; Wanichawan, Pimthanya; Sundaram, Arvind; Eskeland, Ragnhild & Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke (2017). A c-Myb mutant causes deregulated differentiation due to impaired histone binding and abrogated pioneer factor function. Nucleic Acids Research.  ISSN 0305-1048.  45(13), s 7681- 7696 . doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx364 Full text in Research Archive.

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  • Fan, Qiong; Nørgaard, Rikke Christine; Grytten, Ivar; Ness, Cecilie Maria; Lucas, Christin; Vekterud, Kristin; Södling, Helen; Matthews, Jason; Lemma, Roza Berhanu; Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke; Bindesbøll, Christian; Ulven, Stine Marie; Nebb, Hilde Irene; Grønning-Wang, Line Mariann & Sæther, Thomas (2019). LXRα interacts with the glucose-sensing transcription factor ChREBPα to regulate its transcriptional activity.. Show summary
  • Fan, Qiong; Nørgaard, Rikke Christine; Grytten, Ivar; Ulven, Stine Marie; Lucas, Christin; Bindesbøll, Christian; Lemma, Roza Berhanu; Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke; Grønning-Wang, Line Mariann; Nebb, Hilde Irene & Sæther, Thomas (2018). LXRα interacts with the glucose-sensing transcription factor ChREBPα and increases its transcriptional activity.

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