Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kazi Alam Alam, Kazi Principal Engineer +47-22845856
Picture of Berit Johanne H Barkley Barkley, Berit Johanne H Higher Executive Officer +47-22840549 Travel, Invoices, Events, Disputation, Cristin, Web publishing
Picture of Elisa Bjørgo Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47-22840608 Molecular biology, HR administration, Strategy, Finance, Management support, Appointments, Research support, Life science, Human resources administration
Picture of Liv E Alver Bjørland Bjørland, Liv E Alver Senior Engineer +47-22840527 Health, safety and environment, Laboratory management, Building matters
Picture of Gang Cheng Cheng, Gang Head Engineer +47-22840578 Server- og driftstjenester, IT services
Picture of Annabel Darby Darby, Annabel Adviser +47-22840941 Internal communication, Communication, Events, Strategic Communication, Press contact, Web publishing
Picture of Laetitia Abdou Garonne Garonne, Laetitia Abdou Senior Adviser
Picture of Ingrid Kjelsvik Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office +47-22840531 Health, Financial management, Management, safety and enviromment
Picture of Mette Kvernland Kvernland, Mette Adviser +47-22840504 extramural funding, reporting, Financial managment, budget
Picture of Georgios Vasilei Magklaras Magklaras, Georgios Vasilei Senior Engineer +47-22840535 IT management, IT services, Scientific/Life Science computing, Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing, bioinformatics
Picture of George Marselis Marselis, George Head Engineer +47-22845655
Picture of Nina Modahl Modahl, Nina Adviser +47-22840680 Human resources administration
Picture of Mari Nyquist-Andersen Nyquist-Andersen, Mari Head Engineer +47-22845667 Laboratory operation, Purchasing
Picture of Carlos Romeo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47-22840500 +47-95205142 UiO-noark, Oracle, Cristin, Signs and directions, ePhorte, Mail and postage, Voucher, Reimbursements, Certificates, Invoices, Basware, Reception, Purchasing, Mail room
Picture of Anita Elisabeth Skolem Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47-22840653 Reporting, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Project management, Accounts
Picture of Eirin Solberg Solberg, Eirin Principal Engineer +47-22840513 Laboratory work
Sredic, Bojana Principal Engineer +47-22840559 Drug discovery, Laboratory work, Drug development, Metal homeostasis, Infectious diseases
Picture of Melaku Tadesse Tadesse, Melaku Head Engineer +47-22840537 +47-46611203 Local IT support, User administration, IT services
Tavara, Ana Carolina Sulen Head Engineer +47-22840520
Picture of Gladys Marie Tjørhom Tjørhom, Gladys Marie Head Engineer +47-22840556 Laboratory operation, Cell signalling
Picture of Stine Malene Hansen Wøien Wøien, Stine Malene Hansen Principal Engineer +47-22840562 Laboratory work