Core Resource Units

The daily infrastructure for collection, storage, and processing of scientific data at NORMENT is divided into seven different Core Resource Units (CRU). 

The CRU's are sections that are responsible for and have expertise in different methodological aspects of the data collection, and reflect that the Centre has a strong focus on integration of various research methods and approaches. Most scientific projects at the Centre include several CRU's, since they are based on data collected from different groups and involve both clinical and other information about the participants. 

Clinical CRU  

The Clinical CRU has the main responsibility for recruitment and standardized scheduled clinical assessments of participants with psychotic disorders in the core research studies at NORMENT. 

Cognitive CRU 

The Cognitive CRU conducts neuropsychological assessment of participants recruited for the core research studies at NORMENT.

Database and Biostatistics CRU 

The Database and Biostatistics CRU develops and maintains secure and accessible storage structures, analytical tools, and communication platforms that facilitate and accelerate the process between data collection and data distribution at NORMENT. 

Neuroimaging CRU 

The Neuroimaging CRU has the main responsibility for providing solid state-of-the-art methodology and infrastructure for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) in the study of severe mental illness. 

Biobank and Stem Cells CRU 

The Biobank and Stem Cells CRU coordinates all biobank activities at NORMENT, including biological sampling (blood, urine, saliva etc.), treatment of samples (storage, tracking, retrieval), quality control, shipment between partners, and facilities for human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) technology.

Functional Genomics CRU 

The Functional Genomics CRU has expertise and infrastructure for large-scale analysis of the genome, focusing on global gene expression and epigenomics. 

Pharma and Intervention CRU 

The Pharma and Intervention CRU has the main responsibility for facilitating, coordinating and running intervention studies with medicinal products and other treatments for mental disorders.

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