Society of Biological Psychiatry’s 70th Annual Scientific Congress

NORMENT var godt representert på konferansen  “Society of Biological Psychiatry’s 70th Annual Scientific Congress”, 14-16 mai, 2015. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Konferansen presenterte ny spennende internasjonal  forskning med fokus på “stress, emotion, neurodevelopment and psychopathology”.

"Low dose oxytocin delivered intranasally with Breath Powered device affects socialcognitive behavior: a randomized 4-way crossover trial with nasal cavity assessment", poster by Post doc Daniel Quintana.

Professor Ingrid Melle og post doc Monica Aas var begge delagere  på symposiumet “"The interaction between early life stress and genetic background: shaping the brain towards psychopathology". Professor Ingrid Melle var symposium chair og post doc Monica Aas en av 4 speakers. I tillegg var  post doc Monica Aas mentor for en av Travel Award vinnerne under konferansen.

Post doc Daniel S Quintana fikk Travel Award pris og presenterte studien “A randomised 4-way crossover trial evaluating breath powered intranasal oxytocin delivery on social-cognitive responses after single doses of 8IU or 24IU versus intravenous delivery of 1IU of oxytocin” (poster presentasjon). 

Post doc Nhat Trung Doan  presenterte studien “Distint Modes of brain variation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorders revealed by data driven fusion of cortical thickness, surface area, and Voxel-based morphometry using linked independent component analysis” (poster presentasjon).

Post doc Torbjørn Elvåshagen presenterte  studien “Evidence of circadian Brain plasticity; Changes in white matter microstructure and cortical thickness after a day of waking and sleep deprivation” (poster presentasjon).

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