Cutting Edge Festival

We are committed to demonstrate how science, technology and innovation shape our future life, economy, industry and society.

Welcome to Norway's largest technology festival!

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Oslo Science Park, Inven2, the University of Oslo and Conventor, develop and host one of Norway’s largest science and technology events – the Cutting Edge festival.

At the Cutting Edge Festival we present the latest breakthroughs in science, the most promising innovations, and the most exciting startup companies to come out of the Norwegian research communities.

It is a vibrant festival where Norway’s brightest students, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, meet  and interact with people from industry, government and media. Where a young innovator with a fresh prototype, can find a financial partner or discuss new ideas with a prime minister. 

Program 2019:

Matchmaking: Attendence is free of charge for researchers at UiO/OUS that sign up for matchmaking.


Cutting Edge
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