SHEtalks: "Evidence and ethics - beyond evidence-based practice in psychology" by Henrik Berg

Evidence-based practice in psychology is seriously flawed, says psychologist and philosopher Henrik Berg. Welcome to SHEtalk in December.

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Evidence-based practice in psychology is the most important policy document in psychology and psychotherapy. Evidence-based practice is defined as the integration of best available research, clinical expertise and patient characteristics, culture and preferences. However, evidence-based practice in psychology is seriously flawed.

First, it leads to a reductive conceptualisation of psychotherapy. The normative presuppostions of the various psychotherapy schools (i.e. their ethoses) are exempted from the assessment of psychotherapy.

Second, it creates an implicit ethical demarcation marginalising the number of ethical perspectives available. Whereas the implicit ethical demarcation is utilitarian, there is a need for a multiple ethical perspectives in complex practices like psychotherapy.

Third, it is conceptually inconsistent creating a scientocentric and not a genuinely tripartite model. Fourth, the issue of integration has not been analysed sufficiently. Virtue ethics is suggested as a conceptual framework for understanding integration.

Henrik Berg is a psychologist (cand.psychol.) and a philosopher (M.Phil.). He has a PhD in the philosophy and ethics of science from the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT), University of Bergen, from 2019.

He has had two short research stays at the University of Oxford (The Philosophy Department 2016 recognised student and The UEHIRO centre 2018 visiting student).

Henrik's main research interests are foundational issues in health and social sciences, science, facts and values, science and practice. He is currently working 50% at SHE and 50% at SVT.

Here is Henriks last book about evidence and ethichs: "Evidens og etikk" (Nowegian only)

SHEtalks are open lectures and a collaboration between KNOWIT and SHE. 


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