SHEtalks by Carmen Delgado

Carmen Delgado is going to talk about mediated relationships between humanitarian aid workers and beneficiaries.

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Carmen Delgado Luchner is a trained translator and conference interpreter. She has been accredited with the EU institutions since 2008 and holds an MAS in interpreter training and a PhD in interpreting. As doctoral assistant at the University of Geneva, she has participated in several training courses for interpreters working for UNHCR, ICRC and other organisations. She is currently on an Early Postdoc. Mobility scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Together with the research teams of Prof. Hilary Footitt (University of Reading, UK) and Prof. Kobus Marais (University of the Free State, RSA), she will be analysing the role of language brokers in development projects.

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SHEtalks are Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) monthly public talk, where scholars present their research. SHEtalks are available on YouTube

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