Corona-Norway experienced from a healthcare student from Nepal

Sujan Rijal is studying a Masters Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Management at the University of Oslo. He arrived January 2020, and eight weeks later the lock down started.

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Photo: Bidusha Neupa

42 international students at Faculty of Medicine in Oslo applied for 15 scholarships about the Covid-19-situation in Norway. SHE wanted to provide financial assistance to a special targeted group while drawing on their specific competence and experiences as students in a Corona-affected Norway.

The recipients received 20.000 NOK and had to write an essay about their situation. Sujan Rijal from Nepal was one of them. Professor Kristin M. Heggen, Director of SHE, says:

– Sujan Rijal wrote a very good essay! And it`s interesting to see how he sees the ability to use his own experience as a changing agent in health care also in Nepal in the future.

–I`m struck by the high level of reflection that characterizes the 15 essays. The experience of being in the middle of a pandemic provokes reflections, and many of the students see connections between Norway and other countries. Some of them even reflect on that we do not have a globe B. We have this globe to take care of and respect.

In the period of Norways lock-down this spring, it was a challenge that libraries closed. Many students are dependent on borrowing books from the library. Many international students do not benefit from financial crisis packages and many have great difficulties.

– A common description of the essays, are how social isolation and a longing for fellow students and teachers characterize everyday life. – Many describes they are afraid of being ill, or that some family members might be, and many have a constant anxiety of not doing well at exams. This might be the only opportunity to finish their studies.

By Trine Kleven
Published Sep. 28, 2020 2:19 PM - Last modified May 14, 2021 1:08 PM