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Eivind Engebretsen

Executive Chairman

Trine Kleven

Administrative coordinator

Work Package Leaders

  • Jarle Breivik, Work Package 1: Development of SDG related education content and approaches
  • Eivind Engebretsen and Elin Olaug Rosvold, Work Package 2: Programme Development & Adaptation, including new master programme in medical education
  • Dan Banik, Work Package 3: Educational Material Development in sustainable healthcare education
  • Per Grøttum, Work Package 4: Digital Solution Development
  • Tiril Seppola Reed, Work Package 5: Promote student engagement for education for sustainable development
  • Kristin M. Heggen, Work Package 6: Research & development education for sustainable development
  • Nina Køpke Vøllestad, Work Package 7: Communication, knowledge transfer & networking
  • Kristin M. Heggen, Work Package 8: Leadership SHE