Course 2: Entrepreneurship in healthcare

Learn how to develop a research idea into a new company and how to develop a business plan. Your teachers and mentors are either experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives. 

As a student at "Entrepreneurship in healthcare" you will experience Scandinavia´s most advanced support systems for healthcare entrepreneurs.

The overall aim of this course is that you as a researcher or clinician will learn from experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives how to develop a research idea into business and to develop a business plan.

"Entrepreneurship in healthcare" is a part of The School of Health Innovation (HIS). HIS is a collaborative initiative from University of Oslo, NTNU, and Karolinska Institutet. The school is developed in collaboration with Nansen Neuroscience Network and Copenhagen Business School. It is supported by Norwegian Research Council.  

Three tracks

There are three different tracks offered: Please indicate your interest in your application for which track you are most interested in.  

The tracks are: 

1)  Mentorship in companies: Bring your own idea for innovation

You will get the chance to combine the best academic life science competence at Copenhagen Business School, Karolinska Institutet, NTNU and University of Oslo with practical support from your own mentor in a biotech, medtech or pharma company. The program will enable you to develop your own research idea into a new company, or attract partnership from an existing life science company for commercializing you idea.

2)  Mentorship in companies: Learn from experts in commercialising health care research 

If you don’t have your idea for innovation ready, you will learn from mentors in VC companies, biotech, medtech or pharma how they evaluate innovations and companies for potential investments. This knowledge will set you apart from you peers in the basic or translational research labs or your fellow clinicians

3)  Bio-entrepreneurship - Copenhagen Business School  (CBS) 

The offer from CBS has two components: 

  • Hands‐on experience of bio‐entrepreneurship obtained from following part of the Bio‐Entrepreneurship project course at CBS
    Please note: The participants should have availability to follow the program onsite in Copenhagen on 6-8 Wednesdays or more during September, October, November 2017.  
  • Tailor‐made guidance and mentoring offered specifically to School of Health Innovation participants. 

Mentor companies

Some of the mentor companies signed up for track 1 and 2: 


The exam will consist of two parts: 

  • Development of a business plan for a research idea that may be commercialized. This idea may be generated from your own research, or given to you from your mentor organization or work group. The business plan should be minimum 10 pages. 
  • Reflection of own learning outcomes from course/mentorship program and how this potentially may be helpful in your own career. 3-4 pages. 

The course gives 5 ECTS.


Prerequisite for entry:

  • Successful participation in School of Health Innovation course 1 or acceptance by admittance commitee.
  • Phd-program in life science, phd graduate life science, post-doc program in life science or clinician.

Time and place

Time period: 1st of September - 15th of December 2017.

The program will start with a physical kick off meeting in Oslo and finish with a wrap up session in Stockholm.

The kick off meeting in Oslo will be the 11th September. 

We will update with information about time and place for the wrap up session shortly.

Applicants should calculate using between six and eight days in total on course 2, including the  gatherings in Oslo and Stockholm (the "kick off" and "wrap up").


Application deadline: June 30th.

By sending this application, you commit to attend all classes and engage in all preparatory activities, and Mentorship sessions during the course

Applicants for the programme will be notified by email approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Do you have any questions? Please contact Bjarte Reve:

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