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Brain Signalling

Our group is interested in signaling and information processing in the brain at multiple levels, from synapses, neurons and circuits, to control of behavior and mental processes, in particular consciousness and memory.

About the group

Our work is fundamentally motivated and guided by a long-term interest in the brain’s most unique property: its ability to generate conscious experience. Thus, we primarily study multilevel electrical and chemical neuronal signaling at time scales of milliseconds to seconds – the type of processes likely to be involved in consciousness

We study neurophysiology of the mammalian brain, in particular the cerebral cortex including the hippocampal formation, at three main levels, using a variety of electrophysiological, optical, and computational methods:

  •   Single neuron signaling and computation
  •   Functions, dynamics and neuromodulation of neural circuits
  •   Consciousness research in humans and animals: TMS-EEG experiments

In this research, we also use opportunities to contribute to related areas, including translational medicine - often in fruitful collaborations with experts in these fields. We believe that solid basic research inevitably becomes useful in multiple ways, because functions and disorders are intimately connected

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