Career development

The course focuses on the individual participant’s professional situation and career goals. The overall aim of the course is to create consciousness about various career paths both inside and outside academia.

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The course aims to answer three overall questions:

  • How to make well informed career decisions?
  • How to research one’s career goals?
  • How to handle conflicts between work life and personal life?

In order to answer these questions the course focuses on the following topics:

  • Career patterns: Theories, tools and models
  • Personal development: Analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Organization and context: How to navigate, networking, possible career paths and research policy
  • Building your career: Skills, career goals and how to lead a research field
  • Leading yourself

Working methods include presentations, case-work, experience-sharing, individual tasks, and group discussions.  A home assignment is included where the participants do interviews with resource persons representing different career paths.

Curriculum: Career development

Expected learning outcomes


  • Career patterns: theories, tools and models
  • Theories and tools for supporting career strategies
  • Organizational and sector insight
  • Various career paths inside and outside academia
  • Norwegian and international research strategies and policies


  • Define career goals and make a career plan
  • Analyse and improve your network
  • Navigate in the research context – nationally and internationally
  • Reflect on career goals & career paths


  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthen your reflection competencies
  • Strengthen your leadership awareness
  • Strengthen your career management awareness

The course leaders are Monika Janfelt and Eivind Engebretsen. Janfelt is an experienced expert in career development for young researchers. She holds a PhD in history from Åbo Akademi, Finland, has a background as a researcher, and has conducted career programmes for young researchers since 2010.


Exam will be in the form of a written home assignment given between the two modules. The candidates are asked to interview a person representing a career path that they would like to explore. The assignment is partly based on individual work, partly on group work (career-path-learning groups) and contains the following tasks:

1. Individual task: An interview guide (Max. 1 A4) and a written summary (Max 2 A4) of the individual interviews with selected resource persons.

2. Group task: A reflection note summarizing the discussions in the career-path-learning group based on the individual interviews (keywords and conclusions) (max. 2 A4) + powerpoint presentation

The assignment will be assessed as accepted / not accepted.

The grading is based on the pass/fail system.
The course gives 5 ECTS.

Course dates and venue

Fall 2022

  • September 1 - 2 (module 1)
  • October 12 - 14 (module 2)

The course modules  will take place at Campus Blindern.

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Registration and course fee

The course consists of two modules (2+3 days) with individual preparation before each module. Signing up for the course, you are committed to attend all five days of the programme including preparatory activities.

Please note that unless you are employed by the Faculty of Medicine (University of Oslo), you must confirm that your employer will pay the fee of NOK 5000  for your admission to the course. 

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