Akershus University Hospital

Students on the professional study programme in Medicine attend teaching at Ahus during semesters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Ahus is also a site for supervised professional training.

Ahus exterior
Photo: Anniken Sandvik, Ahus

Practical information

ID cards at Ahus

You need an ID card for access to the hospital's departments, for white garments, for a PC connected to the patient network and the car park. To receive an ID card from Ahus, you have to take a 4-week mandatory e-Learning programme before you arrive. As soon as we receive the list of students, we will send you your user name and password. Those who have taken the courses and have received an ID card for a new hospital in the past do not need to do so again. Those of you who still have a card: Please bring it for reactivation.

For students in semesters 3 and 4A: We will issue you with a simpler ID card with limited access. ID cards can be collected from the Service Centre every day from 07:30–11:00 and 12:00–16:00. Contact the main reception at Akershus University Hospital, which will help you find the Service Centre.

Remember to return the card when your semester is over.

Room numbers

For example – S102.014. Rooms are first indicated by a letter: S or B. S means ward building and B means treatment building. Ward buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 are on the left side of the glass corridor, and treatment buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 are on the right side. The number after the letter indicates the ward or treatment building, the number after 0 indicates the floor. The room number follows the period.

Study administration

The central student unit and university administration is located on the 4th floor of Nye Nord.

Contact the semester coordinator for the semester in question if you have any questions regarding teaching and scheduling. The contact person at the place of study is Vibeke S. Bjørklund/ Ellen Westgaard.


The library is on the 4th floor of Nye Nord. 

  • Changing rooms and white garments – All medical students are assigned a locker. Contact: Textile service by the garment machines in U1-B, 07:00–09:00 and 14:00–15:00 every day. Bring your student card. Here you also enter the size of white garments when you are issued your ID card.
  • Reading room – There are two reading rooms on the 4th floor of Nye Nord. One is exclusively for the use of semester 11–12 students.
  • PC room – There is a PC room on the 4th floor of Nye Nord.
  • Lounge – Students have access to the lounge in the new hospital – B304.072. There are two PCs that are connected to the University network, microwave, kettle and sofas in the room.
  • Dormitories – Students have access to 2 dormitories in the new hospital; B203.049 and B203.052, with a total of 3 beds. Sign up on the list by the door to each room.
  • Work stations / break rooms – There are 7 student rooms with PC work stations, and options for accommodation on the 4th floor of Nye Nord. Contact Vibeke S. Bjørklund, Nye Nord 4th floor for a key to the break room.
  • Showers – There are showers near the dormitories in B203 and the student rooms on 4th floor of Nye Nord.
  • Pathology sections – A complete set of micro sections in pathology for semester 9 students is also available at Ahus. Contact Vibeke S. Bjørklund.
  • Kitchen – Food can be prepared in the university's common area on the 4th floor of Nye Nord. There is a refrigerator, microwave and kettle here.
  • Cafeteria – The hospital's cafeteria is on the 2nd floor, above the main entrance reception.
  • Convenience store / café – There is a convenience store and café in the hospital's glass corridor.
  • Shop – There is a grocery store a mere 2-minute walk from the main entrance.
  • Pharmacy – in the glass corridor.
  • Hairdresser – in the glass corridor.
  • Flower shop – in the glass corridor.
  • Training room – just inside the personnel entrance in the basement of the front building. Available to medical students. Bring your ID card.
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