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Patient involvement in Health Services Research

Service users' perspective are important in the field of rehabilitation, especially when "being able to participate" is one of the main goals of rehabilitation. However, it has not been sufficiently prioritized in research.   



The objective of the project is promote patient involvement in rehabilitation related research in Norway. The project involves a systematic gathering of information from service users regarding their experiences and expectations, which will form the basis of the development of a guide that can be utilized to facilitate patient involvement in research. A pilot study is also planned to implement the developed learning program for both patients and researchers.


The quality of rehabilitation services research is closely related to how it can actually meet the needs of the patients. Therefore, it is important to involve service users in various stages of the research process and take their perspectives into consideration. By incoporating patients' priorities in Health services research, the quality of services should improve as a result.

One of the main goals of Research Centre of Habilitation and Rehabilitation Models and Services (CHARM) is to establish a strong research platform within the field of (re)habilitation across various health services levels and social sectors. One of the sub-goals is to implement service users' perspectives at different levels. This project is established to reach this goal, in collaboration with a network of patient organizations associated with CHARM. The project is aimed at facilitating the flow of information between researchers and service users by establishing a forum where experience can be exchanged and information and learning models within the field of rehabilitation research developed.  


  • National Association for the Traumatically Injured (LTN)
  • Norwegian Rheumatology Association
  • Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO) 
  • Cerebral Palsy Association
  • Diakonhjemmet Hospitalsykehus
  • Oslo University Hospitals
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Project leader:

Per Oretorp



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