Per Fugelli lecture 2015

The patient earth in 20 years - In search of a global social medicine. Open guest lectures by Sir Andrew Haines. The seminar is an annual event in honour of professor Per Fugelli.

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The patient earth

The topic of this seminar is based on an article from 1993:

In search of a global social medicine (pdf).

After publishing the article, Fugelli and a group of students established a forum called "The patient earth". The forum inspired students and researchers at the Faculty of Medicine to focus on global health.

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The patient Earth in 20 years - In search of a global social medicine

15.00 Introduction Espen Bjertness, Professor, University of Oslo

 "Planetary health -   human health and global environmental change"

Sir Andrew Haines, Chairman, Lancet Commission on Planetary Health

16.00 Discussion of lectures by two opponents

Kristin Aunan, CICERO and Preben Ottesen, Folkehelseinstituttet

16.45 Summing up

John-Arne Røttingen, Professor, University of Oslo

About Andrew Haines

Andy Haines interests are in epidemiology and health services research. He has published many articles on primary care research and global health issues, particularly on climate change and health.

He was a member of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the second and third Assessment Reports in 1996 and 2001 and review editor for the health chapter in the report of WG 2 in the fifth assessment exercise. He chaired the Scientific Advisory Panel for the 2013 WHO World Health Report on Research for Universal Health Coverage.

He has led a number of Lancet series including chairing the Task Force on Climate Change Mitigation and Public Health, which was supported by a consortium of funding bodies led by the Wellcome Trust to provide estimates of the public health impacts of climate change mitigation strategies in the electricity generation, household energy, transport and food/agriculture sectors which were published in 2009.

About Per Fugelli

As a general practitioner, Per Fugelli has been an independent critic of his own profession for many years. He has opposed the bureaucratisation of Norwegian health care institutions. Fugelli takes a humanistic approach to health and social policy, focussing on the entire individual. He has shown that the best "social medicine" is to build up and share dignity with vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, the poor and those who are physically challenged.

Through countless lectures and fearless participation in a large number of important debates, he has been a prominent contributor to Norway's public space fora for a long time. He was awarded The Freedom of Expression Prize 2013.

Pictures from the event

Photo: Øyvind Larsen and Espen Bjertness, UiO

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