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ACTIVE: Active ageing enabled by services and communication technologies (completed)

‘Diet and healthy eating’ and ‘social contact and participation’ are areas where subtle, small changes in sum, over time, can lead to a viscous circle leading to increased risk of falls, depression, and cognitive decline. ACTIVE focuses on healthy eating and social participation, and explores how communication technologies and public service innovation can attend to these challenges.

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About the project

ACTIVE addresses how to face some of the challenge of delivering health care services to a growing ageing population. New partnerships and ways of collaboration between local health care, voluntary and private sector, the elderly and their relatives will be explored. In ACTIVE we have selected two core challenges, ‘diet and healthy eating’ and ‘social contact and participation’, as particularly important to active ageing.


To meet ACTIVE's objectives and support active ageing, we will:

  • explore how new and existing services deployed by new services and communication technologies will help facilitate healthy eating.
  • explore how new and existing services deployed by communication technologies can facilitate social contact and participation.
  • suggest partnerships where local health care, private and voluntary sector together with the patient and their familes engage to enable active ageing.


ACTIVE will mediate cooperation with voluntary and private sector to assist public sector’s need for (re)-organizing their services to support active ageing and independent living, deployed by new communication technologies and new forms of collaboration.

ACTIVE is a continuation of the project Eating and drinking


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Start - Finish

Autumn 2012 - autumn 2015

Tags: active aging
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