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APPETITT (APPlikasjon om Ernæring - TIlTak for helse og Trivsel) is an innovation project focusing on nutritional challenges among elderly.

Example of user interface

Example from the app in trial

The overall goal for the research and innovation project is to explore a complex intervention of a tablet based app and accompanying services to postpone undernutrition and associated health problems leading to dependency and increased care requirements. We are developing an app for this purpose. The multimodal presentation and functionality in the app aims to stimulate appetite, inspire to some variation of meals, as well as contribute to orient and organize food supply.

Trials to explore feasibility of the approach and develop new service models will commence fall 2015 and spring 2016 in 4 municipalities. In these trials we will explore feasibility of our intervension for prevention or early intervention, and how this can contribute to thrive and wellbeing among elderly. 

The comprehensive presentation of the project is in Norwegian.

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