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Testing the effect of a new health communication intervention for renal transplant recipients

This is a randomized controlled study that aims to test the effect of a new health communication intervention, KnowMAP, as compared with standard care in patients undergoing renal transplantation. 

About the project

KnowMap (knowledge management for renal transplant recipients) is a novel intervention designed by clinicians and researchers at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), University of Oslo (UiO) and University of Stavanger (UiS).

The intervention is targeting knowledge management skills of patients by using motivational interview (MI) techniques. It represents 4 sessions of individual patient counselling starting the first week after the transplantation.


Primary outcomes are health literacy and adherence.


Every year about 250-300 kidney transplantations are performed at Oslo University Hospital in Norway.

Considerable improvements have recently emerged within kidney transplantation in relation to survival and quality of life.

However, after transplantation, adherence to immunosuppressive drug therapy and other medical advices is crucial for staying healthy, keeping the graft, and retain good quality of life.

In case of graft loss the patient has to return to dialysis, representing reduced functioning, fatigue and negative impact on quality of life. Dialysis also leads to higher costs for the society and in many cases a need for re-transplantation.

A key challenge to adherence is the ability to gain access to, understand and use health information, defined as health literacy by the WHO. For renal transplant recipients preparedness for handling information and going through transplantation is essential. Hence, supporting the patients becoming reflective and health literate knowledge users is crucial.


The study is financed by Helse sør øst.

Start and Finish

The project started including patients 9th of March 2020.

148 patients are included March 2021.

Inclusion will be finished approximately autumn 2021

Results will be published at the earliest autumn 2022



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