European TBI research network

Family caregiver burden and needs after TBI

About the project

The main objective is to create a European research network and coordinate research activities to better identify the burden and needs of families and care givers through the collaboration of clinicians and service providers. The project would also stimulate the development of new treatment strategies and collaborative transnational research projects.


A consortium of multidisciplinary researchers from 16 countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Republic  of  Macedonia).


Published Mar. 16, 2018 4:24 PM - Last modified Jan. 16, 2019 3:44 PM


Principal Investigator:

Nada Andelic


  • Cecilie Røe
  • Marit Kirkevold
  • Nada Hadzic-Andelic
  • Anne Norup, Denmark
  • Audny Anke
  • Cecilia Carvalho, Portugal
  • Eleonore Bayen, France
  • Juan-Carlos Arango Lasprilla, Spain
  • Katharina Sunnerhagen, Sweden
  • Miguel Verdugo, Spain
  • Nicole von Steinbuechel, Germany
  • Sara da Silva Ramos, UK
  • Trine Schow, Denmark
  • Unn Manskow
Detailed list of participants