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Phone +47 22859221
Visiting address Nedre Ullevål 9 Stjerneblokka 0850 Oslo
Postal address Pb 1089 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Research interests:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Multiple trauma
  • Disability and quality of life after TBI/trauma  
  • Consequences and quality of life after trauma and patient needs
  • Rehabilitation trajectories - early and late multidisciplinary rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation after trauma
  • Consequences of rehabilitation in a health economic perspective
  • Muscoloskeletal disorders

Work Experience:

  • Professor II, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Health and Society, Research Centre for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Models & Services (CHARM), UiO from April 1, 2018.
  • Head of Research and Development, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Oslo University Hospital (OUH) from June, 2015
  • Postdoctoral research fellow/researcher in CHARM, 2012-2018
  • Head Physician in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Division of Clinical Neuroscience, OUH from 2005.
  • Previously worked at Sunnaas Hospital HF; Norwegian Sports Medicine Institute; NAV; Østfold Hospital HF; Health Møre og Romsdal HF; Reumatism hospital, Haugesund and the Igalo Institute, Montenegro.


  • PhD, Faculty of Medicine, UiO, 2010
  • Specialist i physical medicine and rehabilitation, 1998
  • Norwegian physician licence, 1996
  • Cand. Med., Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade, 1982

Additional roles:

  • Guest editor in J Clinical Medicine (2021); Frontiers in Neurology (2018); Behavioural Neurology (2016) and J. Rehab. Medicine (2012)
  • Guest editor in Frontiers in Neurology (2018); Behavioural Neurology (2016) and J. Rehab. Medicine (2012)
  • Member of Editorial board: Brain Injury Professional, J. Rehab. Medicine, Brain Science, J. Clinical Medicine
  • Member of Research Council, Division of Clinical Neuroscience, OUH
  • Leader of OUH research group Rehabilitation after trauma and Oslo Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome and Rehabilitation Research Network (OBIOR)
  • Member of Rehabilitation Council, South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, 2010-2016


Researchers at OUH and UiO; OsloMet, Work Research Institute; Sunnaas Hospital HF; Sørlandet Hospital HF; Haukeland University Hospital; St. Olav Hospital; University Hospital Nord-Norge; NAV, Fagsenter for Hjelpemidler og tilrettelegging.

Researchers in the EU project CENTER-TBI, which includes 60 institution from 20 countries in Europa. In addition, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup, Denmark; Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center BOMI Roskilde, Denmark; Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA; University of Gottingen, Germany; BioCruces Health Research Institute, Cruces University Hospital, Barakaldo, Spain; University of Salamanca, Salamaca, Spain; University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA; Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia. 

Twitter account: @AndelicNada



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