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UiO: eColab

example of recording in UiO:eColab control room

Research laboratory supporting typical scenarios in primary care. Our infrastructure allows researched to explore and test suggested practices where physicians, nurses and the health professions and develop collaborative, multidisciplinary team where the patient, their significant others and also specialized care collaborates.

In the laboratory you can set up scenarios for consultations (e.g., physician office) and a room for treatment (e.g., primary care center, nursing home). Here you can set up controlled studies to explore how health professionals collaborate and problem solve, as a team as well as in collaboration with the patient, their significant others and/or specialized care collaborates 

In the lab’s control room, from where you can observe or record the ongoing activity. If you choose to record, the recordings are transferred and stored in TSD, UiO’s service for storage of research data. It is also possible to collect video in different geographical locations, e.g., to explore how health professional collaborate in new ways in primary care.


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