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Contacts HSE

HSE coordinator

Local HSE Coordinator is your main point of contact for general inquiries about the health and safety system at the institute, questions regarding the work environment and following up on adverse events.

Laboratory Adviser

You can contact your laboratory adviser for questions regarding laboratory safety and practical advice in laboratory related issues, including risk assessments and work with genetically modified organisms.

Dept. of Nutrition:

Dept. of Molecular Medicine:

Chemical supervisors

The chemical supervisors main tasks are primarily upkeep and maintenance of the chemical inventory belonging to the research group, including disposal of chemicals in a safe manner and updating the online chemical inventory system (Ecoonline).

Radiation protection coordinator

Contact your radiation protection coordinator if you have questions related to working with sources of radioactivity.

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences

Department of Nutrition:

Senior safety representative

Local safety representatives

Safety representatives shall safeguard the interests of staff in matters relating to the working environment and ensure that the Working Environment Act is observed. You can contact them if you have concerns regarding the work environment, but you should always address issues regarding the work environment with your manager first. The HSE responsibility lies with the manager.

Fire safety contacts

If you have concerns regarding local fire safety issues in your work environment, you can contact you fire safety contact.