Ragnhild Eskeland

Associate Professor
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Phone (+47) 22 85 14 57
Room 2260 Domus Medica
Visiting address Domus Medica Songsvannsveien 9 0317 Oslo
Postal address Postal Box 1112 Biochemistry 0317 OSLO

Current position

Associate Professor, IMB, MedFak. The Eskeland group will move spring 2019

Responsible for projects:

-Chromatin loops and functions (#262484 Norges Forskningsråd 2017-2020)    

-Safe Medication in Pregnancy (PI, PharmaTox Research Initiative; MatNat Faculty, UiO, IBV Anders Jahre Fund, Wedel Jarlsbergs Fond and Nansenfondene, 2016-2019)

-Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming (PI, NoE Norges Forskningsråd 2018-2027) 

Research Interests

My areas of scientific interest are the regulation of gene expression through higher order chromatin structure and nuclear organization during development and in cancer. My team focuses on the role of protein complexes in epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure during embryonic stem cell differentiation and in cancer cells. We use imaging and biochemical methods such as Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), Hi-C, ATAC-seq, ChIP and in vitro nucleosome assembly.

For more info visit Chromatin Biology group.


Work experience

Principal Investigator (June 2014- Aug 2018) Universitetet i Oslo, Department of Biosciences.

Associate professor II (Jan 2014  - Jan 2016) Department of Molecular Biology, University of Bergen (20 percent)

Postdoktor (Sept 2010 - May 2014) Universitetet i Oslo, Department of Biosciences. Group Head: Prof. Odd Stokke Gabrielsen

Career Development Fellow (Jan 2007- Aug 2010) MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh, Scotland. Group head: Prof. Wendy A. Bickmore


PhD (Nov. 2002 - Dec. 2006) Adolf-Butenandt Institute, Ludwig-Maximillians University of Munich, Germany. Group head: Prof. Axel Imhof. Thesis: “Histone H3 lysine 9 methylation: A signature for chromatin function”. In this period I was enrolled in the International Graduate Program: “Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease” and a member of the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Master (Candidatus Scientiarum) (Jan. 2000- Dec. 2002) Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology and University of Bergen, Norway. Group head: Prof. Eric Thompson and UiB supervisor Prof. Rein Aasland. Thesis:“Characterization of linker and core histones in the Urochordate Oikopleura dioica”

ERASMUS Exchange Programme (Sept. 1999 – Jan. 2000) Chemistry and Physiology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cand. Mag. (Aug. 1997 – Jan. 2000) Molecular Biology and Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway


Prof. Philippe Collas, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo

Dr. Tiziana Bonaldi, European Institute of Oncology, Italy

Prof. Kerstin Bystricky, University of Toulouse, France

Dr. Duncan Sproul, MRC Medical Research Council, IGMM, University of Edinburgh

PharmaTox, Endringsmiljø, MatNat, UiO. Leiar Prof. Hedvig Nordeng 

CanCell, Centre of Excellence, UiO

Prof. Vessela Kristensen, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Dr. Jose Garcia Perez, University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Anthony Mathelier, NCMM, Norway

Dr. Thomas Fleischer, OUS, Norway

Ass. Prof. Jonas Paulsen, IBV, UiO, Oslo

Dr. Bernd Thiede, IBV, UiO, Oslo.

Tags: Epigenetics, Chromatin, Nuclear organisation, Stem cells
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