Throne Holst Symposium


12.00 – 13.00: Presentation by Professor Gunnar Mellgren, room 2180/2183
Homeoproteins in adipose tissue and obesity"

13.00 - 14.15: Poster session with lunch, Café Erik

Amanda Rundblad Effects of fish and krill oil on gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and circulating markers of inflammation
Linn Kristin Øyri Intake of SFA compared to PUFA induced lower postpradial LDL receptor gene expression in PBMC in subjects with and wthout FH
Anne Himberg-Sundet Effects of a kindergarten intervention on vegetables served and staff’s food-related practices: results of a cluster randomized controlled trail. The BRA-study
Ingunn Narverud Elevated lipoprotein(a) levels do not exacerbate aortic valve peak velocity in a group of FH subjects
Jacob Juel Christensen Association between omega-6 fatty acids and inflammation-related gene expression in PBMCs: a cross-sectional study in healthy children 
Mari Mohn Paulsen Development and evaluation of a dietary assessment application for use among hospitalized patients at nutritional risk
Sunniva V. Larsen Plasma fatty acid levels and gene expression related to lipid metabolism in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: a cross-sectional study in healthy subjects".
Ane S. Kværner Trajectories of body fatness from age 5 to 60 years and plasm abiomarker levels of the insulin/IGF system
Jannicke Myhre Means of increasing response rates in a dietary survey among infants- a randomized controlled trial
Anine Medin Lunch skipping and diet quality among adolescents in Norway
Oddrun Kristiansen Maternal adiponectin is inversely correlated to syncytiotrophoblast basal plasma membrane GLUT 1 expression
Patrik Hansson Postprandial effects of different dairy products on triglycerides in lean and overweight subjects: a randomized controlled cross-over trial 
Nasser Bastani Profiling unknown compounds  relating to coffee roasting
Yuchuan Li Perilipin 2 regulates cholesterol homeostasis in adrenal cortex 
Oscar Daniel Rangel Huerta Association between amino acids, biomarkers of prostate cancer, and inflammation in Norwegian prostate cancer patients 

14.15 - 16.15: Presentation of publications by young scientists, room 2180/2183:

14.15 - 14.25: The Norwegian dietary guidelines and colorectal cancer survival (CRC-NORDIET) study: a food-based multicentre randomized controlled trial, PhD student Hege Berg Henriksen

14.25 - 14.35: Th17 Polarization under Hypoxia results in increased IL-10 production in a pathogen-independent manner, PhD Roman Volchenkov

14.35 - 14.45: Nutrition, hygiene and stimulation education to improve growth, cognitive, language and motor development among infants in Uguanda: a cluster-randomized trial, PhD student Prudence Atukunda

14.45 - 14.55: Do parents form their children`s sweet preference? The role of parents and taste sensitivity on preferences for sweetness in pre-schoolers, PhD student Frida Vennerød

14.55 - 15.05: Interaction between plasma fetuin-A and free fatty acids predicts changes in insulin sensitivity in response to long-term exercise, PhD student Sindre Lee

15.05 - 15.15: Cysteine deprivation prevents induction of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-2 and adipose differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells, PhD student Haj-Yasein NN

15.15 - 15.25: The validity of a web-based FFQ assessed by doubly labelled water and multiple 24-h recalls, PhD Anine C. Medin

15.25 - 15.35: High-quality fish oil has a more favourable effect than oxidised fish oil on intermediate-density lipoprotein and LDL subclasses: a randomized controlled trial, PhD student Amanda Rundblad

15.35 - 15.45: Intake of a Protein-Enriched Milk and Effects on Muscle Mass and Strength. A 12-Week Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial among Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Researcher Inger Ottestad

15.45 - 15.55: LXRα Regulates Hepatic ChREBPα Activity and Lipogenesis upon Glucose, but Not Fructose Feeding in Mice, PhD student Qiong Fan


15.55-16.15 Presentation of the poster- and paper-awards to young scientists at Dep. of Nutrition (IMB/UiO) by Prof. Gunnar Mellgren (leader of committee, Throne Holst Stiftelse), room 2180/2183

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