Throne Holst paper- and twitter awards 2020

The Throne Holst paper- and twitter awards will be arranged October 15th at 2.00-4.00 PM.

Submission of papers is closed


Presentation of publications by young scientists

14.00 -14.05: Welcome by Stine M. Ulven

14.05- 14.15: Henriette W. Krogh and Karianne Svendsen: “Lower risk of smoking-related cancer in individuals with familial hypercholesterolemia compared with controls: a prospective matched cohort study”

14.20-14.30: Mari Mohn Paulsen: “Barriers and Facilitators for Implementing a Decision Support System to Prevent and Treat Disease-Related Malnutrition in a Hospital Setting: Qualitative Study”

14.35-14.45: Patrik Hansson: “Meals with Similar Fat Content from Different Dairy Products Induce Different Postprandial Triglyceride Responses in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Trial”

14.50-15.00: Anne Himberg-Sundet: “Exploring the workplace climate and culture in relation to food environment-related factors in Norwegian kindergartens: The BRA-study”

15.05-15.15: Ingunn Narverud and Jacob Juel Christensen: “Profiling of immune-related gene expression in children with familial hypercholesterolaemia

15.20-15.30: Anne Marte Wetting Johansen: “Validation of energy intake recorded by a 7day pre-coded food diary against measured energy expenditure in a group of Norwegian adults”

15.35-15.45: Kristin J. Skaarud:Body weight, body composition and survival after 1 year: follow-up of a nutritional intervention trial in allo-HSCT recipients”

Poster- and twitter awards

15.50-15.55: Gunnar Mellgren: Presentation of paper-award

15.55-16.00: Christine Henriksen: Presentation of twitter-award


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