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Academic interests

I joined the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Division of Cancer Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Oslo as a Researcher on research work related to “Integrative multi-omics analyses for precision medicine in B-cell lymphoma”. 

My research work during my postdoc at the Dept of Biosciences/Dept of Informatics at the University of Oslo, was on understanding regulome and identifying key components and interaction playing a role during development and in Cancer. I majorly employed integrative inferences on scRNA and scATAC sequencing data, bulk RNAseq/CHiP seq studies along with Network analysis. Complex systems are of keen interest to me and my focus to develop Novel and robust methodology for integrative inferences to understand complex biological systems at the epigenomic, genetic, and proteomic levels.

Before joining UiO, I was working at the Department of Molecular Genetics at Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam as a postdoctoral researcher, where my main focus was on integrative inferences using network studies on Single-cell genomics. Apart from this, I developed pipelines for cell segmentation, tracking, and isolation for images obtained from one of its kind inhouse-built Ultrawide field of View Microscope (UFOV).

I also won visiting CASyM (Co-ordinating Actions Systems Medicine across Europe) EU-FP7 grant as a postdoctoral research associate to work on the project related to epigenome modulation in Cancer at the Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council of Italy, Siena in collaboration with the Center for Computational Sciences of the University of Miami. I did a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from the Second University of Naples on Interactomic analysis of Intrinsically disordered proteins. 

I´m keenly interested in integrative inferences on multi-omics data to identify hidden patterns and early warning signals at a system level for the early detection of diseases in individual patients.

Tags: Complex networks, Integrative inferences, Gene regulation, Epigenome modulation, Intrinsic disorder, Markers, Mutations


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