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Picture of Ingrid Agartz Agartz, Ingrid Professor +47 22029953 +46734141410 Nordic, Russia
Picture of Stefan Agewall Agewall, Stefan Adjunct Professor +47 91307866 Nordic, Brazil, India
Picture of Arash Ahmadi Ahmadi, Arash Postdoctoral Fellow +47 98847998 Optical tweezers, Microscopy, DNA repair, Single molecule study
Picture of Rahmad Akbar Akbar, Rahmad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41283761
Picture of Ibrahim Ahmed Akkouh Akkouh, Ibrahim Ahmed Postdoctoral Fellow +47 98470640
Akre, Harriet Adjunct Professor +47 23076214
Picture of Mari Aksnes Aksnes, Mari Doctoral Research Fellow +47 47303885 +47 47303885
Picture of Amani al Outa al Outa, Amani Postdoctoral Fellow +47 46742310
Picture of Huda Al-Baldawi Al-Baldawi, Huda Principal Engineer +47 45581326
Picture of Glenny Cecilie Alfsen Alfsen, Glenny Cecilie Associate Professor Emeritus
Picture of Runar Almaas Almaas, Runar Associate Professor
Picture of Lene Alsøe Alsøe, Lene Researcher +47 67968966 +47 97986445
Picture of Tine Norman Alver Alver, Tine Norman Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90631030
Picture of Sofie Ragnhild Aminoff Aminoff, Sofie Ragnhild Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93628615
Picture of Sunniva Furre Amundsen Amundsen, Sunniva Furre Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48174951
Picture of Jan Terje Andersen Andersen, Jan Terje Professor +47 22857275 +47 95159223
Picture of Monica Ahlbom Andersen Andersen, Monica Ahlbom Senior Executive Officer +47 22844692 +47 95046757 Administration
Picture of Tor Kristian Andersen Andersen, Tor Kristian Researcher
Anderson, Ane Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99480248
Picture of Christer Anker Andreassen Andreassen, Christer Anker Executive Officer +47 98007644
Picture of Ole Andreassen Andreassen, Ole Professor +47 22117843 +47 99038893 psychiatry, genetics, biostatistics, precision medicine
Picture of Wenche Andreassen Andreassen, Wenche Senior Executive Officer +47 22923473 +47 93081926
Picture of Dimitrios Andreou Andreou, Dimitrios Researcher +4673767884
Picture of Henriette Andresen Andresen, Henriette Researcher +47 48224730
Picture of Kjetil Wessel Andressen Andressen, Kjetil Wessel Associate Professor +47 22840372 +47 90999769 FRET, GPCR, cAMP, cGMP, Receptor, Hart Failure, Biosensor
Picture of Zanira Yaqub Ansari Ansari, Zanira Yaqub Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98486011
Picture of Jonathan Lee Arias Fuenzalida Arias Fuenzalida, Jonathan Lee Postdoctoral Fellow +352621498
Picture of Dina Ruud Aronsen Aronsen, Dina Ruud Researcher +47 94813397 Immunologi
Picture of Aniso Aden Arten Arten, Aniso Aden Principal Engineer
Picture of Dulasi Arunthavarajah Arunthavarajah, Dulasi Doctoral Research Fellow +44747990986
Picture of Haseem Ashraf Ashraf, Haseem Associate Professor +47 47448014
Picture of Helene Astrup Astrup, Helene Adviser +47 97763215
Picture of Dan Atar Atar, Dan Adjunct Professor +47 22119100 +47 98074757 Myocardial Infarction, Prevention of Reperfusion Injury, Troponin, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, India, Nordic
Picture of Monica Atneosen-Åsegg Atneosen-Åsegg, Monica Head Engineer +47 23072798 +47 92416399
Picture of Håvard Attramadal Attramadal, Håvard Adjunct Professor +47 23073520 +47 90639687 USA
Picture of Knut Magne Augestad Augestad, Knut Magne Associate Professor
Picture of Miriam Ragle Aure Aure, Miriam Ragle Researcher +47 98626827
Picture of Gregor Bachmann-Harildstad Bachmann-Harildstad, Gregor Associate Professor +47 92465813
Picture of Shahram Bahrami Bahrami, Shahram Researcher +47 41187403
Picture of Filipa Baltazar Da Costa Vaz Baltazar Da Costa Vaz, Filipa Postdoctoral Fellow +47 92082710
Picture of Andreas Barratt-Due Barratt-Due, Andreas Researcher +47 98209974
Picture of Frank Becker Becker, Frank Associate Professor +47 95144638 +47 95144638 Rehabilitation, Brain and Nervous System, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cognitive function, Aphasia, Plasticity
Picture of Victoria Becker Becker, Victoria Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97332799
Picture of Manigeh Beigi Beigi, Manigeh Principal Engineer +47 90835813
Picture of Sigrid Irene Beitland Beitland, Sigrid Irene Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Maria Egeland Bøgh Bekkenes Bekkenes, Maria Egeland Bøgh
Picture of Ina Bekkevold-Jernberg Bekkevold-Jernberg, Ina Adviser +47 97794824
Picture of Bjørn Bendz Bendz, Bjørn Adjunct Professor +47 23070644 +47 95802582
Picture of Lise Wilhelmine Benningstad Benningstad, Lise Wilhelmine Senior Executive Officer +47 23015895 +47 90168940
Berdal, Jan-Erik Associate Professor +47 48205817