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Picture of Ulrich Abildgaard Abildgaard, Ulrich
Picture of Tore Gunnar Abrahamsen Abrahamsen, Tore Gunnar
Picture of Ingrid Agartz Agartz, Ingrid Professor Nordic, Russia
Picture of Stefan Agewall Agewall, Stefan Researcher Nordic, Brazil, India
Picture of Tariq Nazir Ahmed Ahmed, Tariq Nazir Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Rahmad Akbar Akbar, Rahmad Researcher +47 41283761
Picture of Ibrahim Ahmed Akkouh Akkouh, Ibrahim Ahmed Postdoctoral Fellow
Akre, Harriet Adjunct Professor
Picture of Mari Aksnes Aksnes, Mari Postdoctoral Fellow Alzheimer's disease, biomarkers, dementia, Women's health
Picture of Astrid Aksnessæther Aksnessæther, Astrid Assistant Director +47 90297199
Picture of Amani al Outa al Outa, Amani Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Huda Al-Baldawi Al-Baldawi, Huda Principal Engineer
Picture of Alicia Isabel Alfonso Gomez Alfonso Gomez, Alicia Isabel Principal Engineer
Picture of Glenny Cecilie Alfsen Alfsen, Glenny Cecilie Associate Professor Emeritus
Picture of Amin Alirezaylavasani Alirezaylavasani, Amin Principal Engineer
Picture of Runar Almaas Almaas, Runar Associate Professor
Picture of Tine Norman Alver Alver, Tine Norman Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Sofie Ragnhild Aminoff Aminoff, Sofie Ragnhild Researcher +47 93628615
Picture of Sunniva Furre Amundsen Amundsen, Sunniva Furre Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Enya Amundsen-Isaksen Amundsen-Isaksen, Enya Principal Engineer
Picture of Jan Terje Andersen Andersen, Jan Terje Professor +47 22857275
Picture of Monica Ahlbom Andersen Andersen, Monica Ahlbom Senior Executive Officer +47 22844692 Administration
Picture of Solveig Norheim Andersen Andersen, Solveig Norheim
Anderson, Ane Marie
Picture of Christer Anker Andreassen Andreassen, Christer Anker Executive Officer
Picture of Ole Andreassen Andreassen, Ole Professor +47 99038893 psychiatry, genetics, biostatistics, precision medicine
Picture of Wenche Andreassen Andreassen, Wenche Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Kjetil Wessel Andressen Andressen, Kjetil Wessel Associate Professor +47 22840372 FRET, GPCR, natriuretic peptide, cAMP, cGMP, Receptor, Hart Failure, Biosensor
Picture of Zanira Yaqub Ansari Ansari, Zanira Yaqub Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Harald Arnesen Arnesen, Harald
Picture of Dulasi Arunthavarajah Arunthavarajah, Dulasi Principal Engineer
Picture of Haseem Ashraf Ashraf, Haseem Associate Professor
Picture of Ragna Bugge Askeland Askeland, Ragna Bugge Researcher
Picture of Helene Astrup Astrup, Helene Adviser
Picture of Dan Atar Atar, Dan Adjunct Professor +47 98074757 Myocardial Infarction, Prevention of Reperfusion Injury, Troponin, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, India, Nordic
Picture of Monica Atneosen-Åsegg Atneosen-Åsegg, Monica Senior Engineer
Picture of Håvard Attramadal Attramadal, Håvard Adjunct Professor +47 90639687 USA
Picture of Knut Magne Augestad Augestad, Knut Magne Associate Professor
Picture of Pål Aukrust Aukrust, Pål
Picture of Shahram Bahrami Bahrami, Shahram Researcher
Picture of Arne Olav Bakka Bakka, Arne Olav
Picture of Filipa Baltazar Da Costa Vaz Baltazar Da Costa Vaz, Filipa Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Adelle Basson Basson, Adelle Researcher
Picture of Erik Bautz-Holter Bautz-Holter, Erik
Picture of Anton Baysa Baysa, Anton Lecturer
Picture of Frank Becker Becker, Frank Associate Professor Rehabilitation, Brain and Nervous System, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cognitive function, Aphasia, Plasticity
Picture of Victoria Becker Becker, Victoria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Manigeh Beigi Beigi, Manigeh Principal Engineer
Picture of Klaus Hermann Beiske Beiske, Klaus Hermann
Picture of Ina Bekkevold-Jernberg Bekkevold-Jernberg, Ina Adviser