Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research

Informing evidence-based treatment with internationally recognized clinical addiction research

SERAF conducts extensive dissemination of addiction research through publications, lectures, courses, supervision and teaching of master and PhD students. SERAF has a broad national and international network in the field of clinical addiction research.

The population of people who develop substance use disorders will change in the future and the corresponding need for new knowledge of the medical consequences of an altered pattern of substance and alcohol use is increasing. In order to provide the best possible treatment for people with alcohol and substance use disorders and to ensure the treatment is aligned with new clinical practices we must both generate new knowledge and judiciously integrate knowledge generated by others. Through our courses and master’s program, we contribute to the implementation of new knowledge by teaching practitioners the latest clinical research.

Our research areas:
•    Clinical addiction and health services
•    Opioid maintenance treatment (OMT)
•    Naltrexone as relapse prevention

We have a focus on web-based technologies for use in addiction treatment and are engaged in a number of projects that analyze the impact of internet-based interventions. 

Our clinical studies:
•    Effect of naltrexone depot to prevent relapse of opioid- and alcohol dependence
•    NorComt cohort study of people beginning in OMT- or inpatient treatment

SERAF has recruited national and international researchers. Several of the guest researchers have brought valuable research skills back to their main positions and this has formed the basis for a formal national network for clinical drug research.

Published Oct. 7, 2014 2:36 PM - Last modified Mar. 15, 2021 1:12 PM