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Our research group focus on treatment, prognostication and outcome after critical conditions for the heart and the brain.

About the group

Our main research relates to critical conditions for the brain and the heart, like cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injuries. 

We collaborate internationally and nationally and participate in multicenter randomized controlled trials (RCTs). In addition, we do different clinical observation studies and register-based studies, where we evaluate short- and long-term outcome, and outcome with function.

Finally, we have further expanded our experimental pig model. Pigs are resuscitated after cardiac arrest with a Heart-Lung-Machine, and we evaluate the effects on brain flow, ischaemic markers and metabolism.

Long-term goals

Our group aims to evaluate different aspects related to outcome and sequelae after critical conditions, like cardiac arrest and severe traumatic brain injury. These life-threatening conditions require comprehensive intensive care treatment after initial resuscitation.

Survival and function

We investigate clinical factors affecting short- and long-term outcome, and evaluate methods of prognostication among comatose, critically ill patients. Long-term cognitive function and quality of life among the survivors years after injury deserve more attention, in addition to effects of early rehabilitation.

Pig model

With our experimental pig model we aim to investigate and better understand the pathophysiology after cardiac arrest, with special focus on circulation and metabolism. The studies relates to ongoing clinical studies or knowledge gaps around the same pathophysiological challenges. 

With this, we hope to contribute to increased understanding, improved treatment and thereby better prognoses for these critically ill and vulnerable patient groups.


In 2013 the former Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research group established Oslo Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research (OSCAR) Network with cardiologists/researchers from the Cardiac ICU at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) Ullevål and researchers from the Intervention Centre at OUH Rikshospitalet.

This collaboration has led to 

  • several clinical studies (both completed and ongoing) around cardiac arrest management as well as completed and ongoing PhDs
  • studies related to the Biobank from NORCAST, with focus on different reperfusion biomarkers exploring outcome and prognostication after OHCA
  • further development and improvement of our present experimental cardiac arrest pig model 

Other national network

with researchers from Norwegian Air Ambulance and from St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim on a national multicenter RCT REBOARREST during OHCA

International network

  • TAME
  • ORANGE (and European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) 
  • TTM3/EWCTTM (two independent networks planning to do future studies on temperature management after cardiac arrest)
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