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Clinical Radiology

We perform translational research from basic radiology science to clinical research, pure clinical research and quality control studies in order to find new methods, improve methods, and control our work in order to keep high standards.

To improve an overall patient care we include basic research, clinical research, quality controls, health services research both on use of resources and evaluation of screening procedures.

Long term goals

In a long term perspective we hope to establish stable research groups within at least two of our subgroups. Possible areas for new groups will be:

  • Oncological radiology, in collaboration with several clinical departments
  • Radiology in benign diseases, in collaboration with several clinical departments
  • Heatlh services research, as one group or integrated in the other Groups.

We hope that at least one group will achieve the level of excellence in clinical research. We also aim at extending national and international collaboration.



We have a widespread collaboration with several departments, laboratories and environments at Akershus University Hospital.

We also have collaboration with both medical and non-medical environments at the University of Oslo.


  • Lung cancer screening. Nordic collaboration, especially with Danish colleagues.
  • The diabetic foot. Collaboration with Dubai and Emory, Atlanta.
  • MRI of the prostate. Collaboration with Malmø.
  • Health services research. Collaboration with Cleveland.
Published Sep. 29, 2017 1:59 PM - Last modified Feb. 16, 2021 12:30 PM


Group leader


  • Jonn Terje Geitung
  • Anne Negård
  • Haseem Ashraf
  • Vigdis Hillestad
  • Aida K. Lunder
  • Joana R. dos Reis
  • Morteza Esmaiela
  • Espen Rud
  • Cathrine Kristiansen
  • Thien Trung Tran
  • Joana Reiss
  • Hasan Banitalebi
  • Jens Borgbjerg
  • Heidi Gorman
  • Kjell Inge Gjesdal
  • Tore Bach-Gansmo
Detailed list of participants