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Forensic psychiatry

The NORMENT forensic psychiatry research group has an interdisciplinary approach to the study of violence and aggression in severe mental disorders.

About the group

Our main focus is to characterize how biopsychosocial factors interact to affect violence risk in psychotic disorders, by combining thorough clinical investigation with advanced brain imaging methods and registry data.

We also explore the potential legal implications of our research, in the intersection between law and neuroscience.


The main aim of our research group is to combine frontline MRI methodology with an innovative symptoms-oriented approach to understand the neurobiological underpinnings of violence and aggression in severe mental disorders and combine this knowledge with social and psychological factors to increase violence prediction accuracy.

A secondary aim is to link this research to the unique Norwegian medical model of criminal capacity related to mental disorders.

We have a strong focus on the ethical and legal aspects of our research, and we aim for careful non-stigmatizing publications and to avoid reducing complex human behavior to mechanistic biomarkers. 

Our long-term aim is that that our research will contribute to strengthening the patients’ legal rights and reduce the number of violent acts committed by persons with psychosis and the stigma associated with violence in severe mental disorders.


The research group is part of Centre of Excellence NORMENT (Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research) led by professor Ole A. Andreassen. We collaborate closely with the other research groups within the centre and are organized under core researcher of neuroimaging professor Ingrid Agartz. We have a formal collaboration for user involvement with CoE NORMENT’s User Council.

We have a close research collaboration with the Regional Centres for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry in Norway (SIFER) with associate professors Christine Friestad (Oslo) and Ragnhild Johansen (Trondheim), and professor of Law Linda Gröning (Bergen). 

We collaborate with and have PhD-students from the clinical security wards at Oslo University Hospital and Østfold Hospital Trust.

Through our research projects, we have a network of national and international scientific collaborators and advisors in MRI-methodology, forensic psychiatry, philosophy, and criminal law.

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